Tweets – September 2009
Sep 30th, 2009 by Jessica

  • Getting ready for my sister’s arrival! 7:15 AM Sep 30th from web
  • One more day before the scrappin’ fun begins! 5:35 AM Sep 29th from web
  • Just got back from a weekend in Vegas. Ate my weight in crab legs at the Rio. Saw Popovich Comedy Pet Theater… Cute, but kitchy. 7:31 PM Sep 27th from web
  • My cousin went to sleep on Tuesday and never woke up. I will miss her so! 5:53 AM Sep 25th from web
  • Modern Family was ok, but Cougar Town is hilarious! 8:52 PM Sep 23rd from mobile web
  • Oh yah. We’ll definitely be in the news tomorrow… 8:32 PM Sep 22nd from web
  • I really hate legal email recovery requests. 10:03 AM Sep 22nd from web
  • Looking forward to the DWTS premiere tonight! 5:44 AM Sep 21st from web
  • Finished the Hawaii/Bahamas scrapbook yesterday, and started in the UK/Ireland trip. It will be two full albums when I’m finished! 5:40 AM Sep 21st from web
  • Home for the weekend. It’s Friday. Time to scrapbook! 6:08 PM Sep 18th from web
  • I just picked up a 5/10 split at bowling!! 7:03 PM Sep 17th from mobile web
  • Somehow I managed to accomplish scrapping 6 double 12×12 layouts today. Finished the Disney cruise, and I’m halfway done with Hawaii. Yay! 11:21 PM Sep 13th from web
  • Just ordered $43 worth of prints from Costco Photo for the upcoming CK Scrapbooking convention. I hope to scrap my last 4 vacations! 9:50 PM Sep 11th from web
  • Happy 7 year 7 month and 7 day Anniversary to my sweetie! 7:10 PM Sep 9th from web
  • Beatles Rock Band in hand – heading home to play! 12:20 AM Sep 9th from mobile web
  • At Harrah’s with Mom, casino number 5 so far. Heading home shortly to rock out! 9:18 AM Sep 5th from mobile web
  • Been cleaning house all day long in preparation for my Mom’s arrival. Nothing like vacuuming all surfaces of the couch to make you tired! 2:28 PM Sep 2nd from web
  • Mom flies in tomorrow to visit until Sunday!! I’m so excited to see her! 6:40 PM Sep 1st from web
  • Going to pick up Guitar Hero V today. I hope it’s not as bad as the last one! 8:08 AM Sep 1st from web
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Tweets – August 2009
Aug 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Pics from Grand Canyon North Rim:… 11:58 AM Aug 31st from web
  • Lots to do today. Oil change, dry cleaning, bowling for Thursday, practice guitar, laundry… 8:59 AM Aug 31st from mobile web
  • Driving home from the North Rim. Pictures soon! 7:37 PM Aug 30th from mobile web
  • There’s a scorpion trying to get into our house. It’s freaking me out! 4:56 PM Aug 25th from web
  • Feeling very useless at the moment. My feet are dead after standing for 5 hrs straight. 2:11 PM Aug 24th from mobile web
  • I think it’s so neat that my Mom learned how to send text messages. I just wish she wouldn’t do it at 5:45am on Sunday morning. 3:46 PM Aug 23rd from web
  • Electric Co took our datacenter power out at 6:00am to replace a part. Nothing like testing the generator the day before classes start! 6:15 AM Aug 23rd from web
  • Finally have a weekend off. Time to rock out! 6:39 PM Aug 21st from web
  • Heading off to start another bowling league tonight. So far my “team” is less than ideal. There’s only one other guy, and he’s a creep! 3:21 PM Aug 20th from web
  • Annoying Facebookers:… 7:42 AM Aug 20th from web
  • Is it me, or is Twitter dying down significantly? 9:10 PM Aug 19th from web
  • Time to make the donuts! Or, well… I guess it’s just time to go to work. Donuts sound good though. 5:45 AM Aug 19th from web
  • Heading over to a campus to volunteer today in the Financial Aid office. Should be fun! 7:07 AM Aug 18th from web
  • We did it! We finished Rock Band 2! 3,747 stars and more than 33.7 million fans. We have almost 50 million points! WOOHOO! 8:37 PM Aug 16th from web
  • We’re almost done with Rock Band 2’s world tour mode. It only took us a year to finish. Only 3 more sets lists to go! 3:43 PM Aug 16th from web
  • Hooray for Fender brand Hello Kitty guitar picks! Amazon sells the coooooolest stuff! 9:36 PM Aug 14th from web
  • Ate dinner at the legendary Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Waited in 105 degrees for over an hour. Good pizza, but worth the wait? Not so sure. 9:35 PM Aug 14th from web
  • TGIPD! 8:40 AM Aug 14th from web
  • I’ve reduced myself to actually renting a hotel room next to my office so I don’t have to leave the next two days. This is so sad. 4:36 PM Aug 12th from web
  • My voicemail indicator light wasn’t working. I had 18 messages I didn’t know about it. 8:23 AM Aug 11th from web
  • Whoa.. Slept in until Andrew woke me up at 11:15am. 13 hours of sleep in a row? Geez I must’ve really needed it. 11:21 AM Aug 9th from web
  • Compiling a packet of brochures for my Mom. She’s visiting the first week of September for the first time in 10 1/2 years! 8:28 AM Aug 8th from web
  • Working again on my last official Friday off. Tired of working. 1:36 PM Aug 7th from web
  • Still trying to get our new Tidal software working. I am exhausted. 3:12 PM Aug 5th from mobile web
  • Looking forward to getting a lot accomplished today. I sure hope it happens! 5:38 AM Aug 4th from web
  • Another Monday morning. Gotta drive separate, someone scheduled a meeting through my lunch hour. Humph! 5:21 AM Aug 3rd from mobile web
  • Just finished watching Juno. It was a pretty good movie, but I really didn’t like the “affair” undertone. 6:58 PM Aug 2nd from web
  • Blogged about Antiques Roadshow: 12:33 PM Aug 2nd from web
  • I’ve been orphaned by my bowling team. Need to find a new one! 11:34 AM Aug 2nd from web
  • Still in the Tribal Arts line, by far the longest line here in Phoenix. 4:38 PM Aug 1st from mobile web
  • Posting from Antiques Roadshow in Phoenix! So far we brought junk. Yay! 3:33 PM Aug 1st from mobile web
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Tweets – July 2009
Jul 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Working on my day off, entire staff called out. Building fire alarm testing AND painting all bathrooms. GROAN! 9:23 AM Jul 31st from mobile web
  • My consultant has taken over my computer. 2:29 PM Jul 30th from mobile web
  • Well I would say I can’t wait for this weekend. But since I have to work right through until Antiques Roadshow, I can’t get into the mood. 8:00 AM Jul 29th from web
  • I just got home from 12 hours of work and I have to keep working now that I’m home.  Boo! 7:15 PM Jul 28th from web
  • I have a new cousin! Abigail Evelyn, brand new daughter of Christopher and Kelly. 7lb 10oz, 21″, born 3:40am in Indiana! Congrats! 5:43 AM Jul 28th from web
  • My boss said I could leave early but my carpool doesn’t arrive for an hour. 🙁 5:21 PM Jul 27th from mobile web
  • Hello Kitty Contact Lenses? Sweet! 4:12 PM Jul 27th from web
  • I worked 65+ hours last week, and am scheduled for 56 this week. Booo! 2:21 PM Jul 27th from web
  • Another Monday morning. Going to be swamped this week! 6:41 AM Jul 27th from mobile web
  • Picked up Wii Sports Resort. Cute, but gets boring pretty quickly. 11:26 AM Jul 26th from web
  • Hmm… What to do today… ? 10:15 AM Jul 25th from web
  • Heading to bed. Finally. 11:19 PM Jul 24th from web
  • I’ve been working for 14 hours overnight with small naps here and there. I’m exhausted and no closer to solving the problem. 🙁 12:45 PM Jul 24th from web
  • Looking forward to seeing my friend KT for dinner tonight. She flew in from Denver for the week! 2:45 PM Jul 23rd from web
  • My computer is telling me it’s going to take 41 minutes to copy a single zip file off a DVD. 1:47 PM Jul 23rd from web
  • Stick a fork in me. I’m done! 4:59 PM Jul 22nd from web
  • Oh my… I really have lost it now! 1:47 PM Jul 22nd from web
  • Our power outage scheduled for this Sat. has been moved to next Sat. 8/1. I have tickets for Antiques Roadshow that day! I am going to cry! 10:56 AM Jul 22nd from web
  • Holding a planning session for this weekend’s power outage. How do I wrangle 120 IT managers and admins into a single plan of attack? =( 7:30 AM Jul 22nd from web
  • I bought an electric guitar this weekend. Picked up a new strap and some picks for it over lunch. I think learning to play will be fun! 1:12 PM Jul 20th from web
  • “Osgood was some 8 miles away and we counted it a whole day to drive up there, shop some, and then drive home again.” – in 1898! 7:37 AM Jul 18th from web
  • I’m transcribing a family autobiography of Andrew’s great-grandmother. She wrote it in the 1960’s about her life in the 1890’s in Indiana. 7:37 AM Jul 18th from web
  • At home, have the weekend off until Monday. We’re draining the icky pool that hasn’t worked out this summer. Yucky water! 9:54 PM Jul 16th from web
  • Oh, and I got my two tickets to Antiques Roadshow on August 1st! I am SO excited! I feel like the ladies on Grandma’s Boy… 9:45 PM Jul 15th from web
  • HBP was amazing! We didn’t have to wait long in line, about 90 minutes, and it wasn’t even sold out. I loved it! 9:44 PM Jul 15th from web
  • Sitting in line to (finally) see HBP… 5:34 PM Jul 15th from mobile web
  • Sign at Applebees: If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes. 11:56 AM Jul 15th from mobile web
  • TGIT! 8:22 PM Jul 9th from web
  • Got back last night from Denver. Had a great time! Now, back to reality. Yuck! 5:23 AM Jul 7th from web\
  • Driving around Denver in a red 2009 Camero. FRICKIN SWEET CAR! 9:24 AM Jul 4th from mobile web
  • Getting ready for our flight to Denver. Here we come, thunderstorms! Yay! 4:19 PM Jul 3rd from web
  • Pooh! It’s supposed to thunderstorm Thursday through Tuesday in Denver. That’s our entire trip! 9:16 PM Jul 1st from web
  • So drained. Looking forward to Denver this weekend! 9:38 AM Jul 1st from mobile web
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Tweets – June 2009
Jun 30th, 2009 by Jessica

  • …and now Billy Mays. Geez – sucks to be a celebrity this week! 9:26 AM Jun 28th from web
  • Goodbye, Mr. Jackson. 7:47 PM Jun 25th from web
  • Posted Series 3 of my Toys in Peril images:… 9:01 PM Jun 24th from web
  • Took the day off work today. Sitting at home wondering what I should do. 10:41 AM Jun 24th from web
  • Got to see Transformers 2 tonight at a pre-screening. Glad to have seen it, but it was out of focus. My head hurts! 10:58 PM Jun 22nd from web
  • Ugh. That’s all I got. 9:49 AM Jun 22nd from mobile web
  • Sorry for the sudden outburst of rage, my twitter friends… I am just so frustrated!!! I feel like a rat in a cage. 8:31 PM Jun 18th from web
  • I am soooo ready for the weekend! 9:23 AM Jun 18th from mobile web
  • Watching a new Mythbusters. Woohoo! 9:57 PM Jun 17th from web
  • Must have spoke too soon. Right after that twitter, a virtual bomb exploded in my office. Never a dull moment! 11:14 AM Jun 17th from web
  • Seems like most of the fires are out at work… Time to start gathering kindle again! 7:29 AM Jun 17th from web
  • Another Monday morning… I finally found something to do, and now I have to wait for next weekend! Grr! 5:40 AM Jun 15th from web
  • Time to play Mario Kart for the Wii! The room is open for anyone who would like to join us. 5:49 PM Jun 12th from web
  • I’m hosting a Mario Kart Wii race tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST. If you want to join us, send me a direct message with your Friend Code! 11:10 AM Jun 12th from web
  • Photography nuts, check it out: 11:01 PM Jun 11th from web
  • It’s like 4:15 is my personal brick wall. My brain just can’t function past 4:15. After 10 hours, I need a break. 4:14 PM Jun 11th from web
  • I dreamt all night about how to make our nightly batch jobs more efficient. Nothing like taking work home with you eh? 5:35 AM Jun 11th from web
  • Came home feeling sick at lunch and slept for 5 hours… Hope I can sleep tonight. 9:57 PM Jun 9th from mobile web
  • Why do I feel like a spectator at a fireworks show this morning? 7:14 AM Jun 9th from web
  • I think my brain just went on strike. I’ve been too productive today. It has just decided to shut down until tomorrow. 4:33 PM Jun 8th from web
  • I’ve been working nonstop for 4 hours now. It’s a highly productive but mentally exhausting Monday morning. 10:27 AM Jun 8th from web
  • Blogged about the Cali trip… 8:34 PM Jun 7th from web
  • I just bought 18 songs. It’s a good thing I don’t have iTunes linked to my credit card! =) I buy gift cards so I can track my spending! 1:40 PM Jun 6th from web
  • OMG, a booty shakin’ gummy bear. 12:43 PM Jun 6th from web
  • Currently buying songs on iTunes. I’m very picky about music. It’s so nice to be able to get those 80’s songs I’ve missed for 20 years! 12:18 PM Jun 6th from web
  • Started posting pics from last week’s Botcon…… 12:15 PM Jun 5th from web
  • This girl in the waiting room is freaking me out. 8:06 PM Jun 4th from mobile web
  • Heading to the salon to get my hair chopped off! Cut 6″ earlier this week, but I want it shorter… SHORTER… Aaahhh! 6:11 PM Jun 4th from web
  • So glad it’s Thursday – no work until Monday. I guess 4×10’s are good for something. 6:10 PM Jun 4th from web
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Tweets – May 2009
May 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Finally rolling back into Phoenix. It’s been a long five days! 7:19 PM May 31st from web
  • Just saw TF:ROTF preview with intro by Michael Bay – in person!! Sweeeeet! 11:17 PM May 30th from web
  • Party at Paramount Studios. Got to meet Weird Al and get a pic w/him! Tyrese Gibson is here too! 9:49 PM May 30th from web
  • Got Peter Cullen, Weird Al and David Kaye autographs. Woohoo!!! 11:27 AM May 30th from mobile web
  • 90 mins to go, still 10th in line! Andrew’s in line for Weird Al’s autograph in another building. 8:53 AM May 30th from mobile web
  • In line 4 hrs early to get Peter Cullen’s autograph. Voice of Optimus Prime and Eeyore! 7:02 AM May 30th from mobile web
  • Sitting in line for the dealer room preview at Boton, opens in 2 hrs. I’m about 30th in line… 12:12 PM May 29th from mobile web
  • We are leaving for California in the morning. Botcon ’09, here we come! 7:24 PM May 26th from web
  • Just booked a flight for my Mom to come visit me in September. It’s been 10 years. I wonder what we will do while she’s here? 5:56 PM May 25th from web
  • Pics from our trip to Jerome: 5:37 PM May 24th from web
  • Pete’s was super yummy! Got lucky with another mom and pop restaurant. 1:36 PM May 24th from mobile web
  • Eating at a hole in the wall called Pete’s in Prescott. Hope the food is good! 1:09 PM May 24th from mobile web
  • Drove 2.5 hrs to photograph in Jerome and realized I left all my SD cards on my desk at home… 12:21 PM May 24th from mobile web
  • Paramore ROCKED! The Sounds were pretty good too. Concert was sold out – crazy crowds! 9:18 PM May 23rd from mobile web
  • In other news, we have tickets to see Paramore with No Doubt tonight at Cricket. Can’t wait for Paramore! Seen ND 3x already. 8:48 AM May 23rd from web
  • My in-laws are in Ireland and their house was broken into Wednesday night. We’ve been staying there since. Nothing seems to be missing. 8:47 AM May 23rd from web
  • Dabbling in true tilt-shift photography. Check out my best shot! 6:38 AM May 23rd from web
  • Hooray for finding great long lost friends on Facebook! Boo for spooky ex boyfriends finding ME on Facebook! 6:02 AM May 20th from web
  • Yay! My favorite star won on DWTS! I wonder if Mom got to see it in Dublin? 6:01 AM May 20th from web
  • Dang it.. Got to wait another hour to see DWTS “final” final show. Why must they play an encore of last night’s show? 7:09 PM May 19th from web
  • ROFLMAO at Advanced Cat Yodeling 3:40 PM May 18th from web
  • I don’t do well with having nothing to do. I feel so incredibly lazy and useless when there is no immediate goal. 2:54 PM May 17th from web
  • Mom and Dad FINALLY made it to Dublin, but the airport lost 1 of their 2 pieces of luggage. Arrggh! 2:23 PM May 16th from web
  • Yes, I’m bored. That means new pictures to view!… 2:01 PM May 16th from web
  • Trying to figure out what to do with the day. I feel so lazy!! 12:32 PM May 16th from web
  • Thier luggage went to Dublin without them. they plan to sit in the hotel and be angry, so I hear… 6:14 AM May 15th from mobile web
  • Should we go see NIN & Jane’s Addiction tomorrow? 110 degrees, outdoors in full sun. Dilemma, my friends! Dilemma. 7:41 PM May 14th from web
  • Mom and Dad flew out to Dublin this morning but they are stuck in Philly… 6:34 PM May 14th from web
  • I’ve been to 3 ASU commencements; all have been the lowest attended events I’ve ever seen. Figures that the President would speak this year! 8:38 PM May 13th from web
  • Just watched Obama’s speech at ASU’s commencement. I graduated 10 years ago (BS Management) and 1 year ago (MS Info Mgmt). How time flies! 8:37 PM May 13th from web
  • I have 63 messages in my inbox that are red-flagged as “action required.” I barely have enough time to decide what needs to be done! 8:32 AM May 13th from web
  • Sitting at work. There is so much to do I just can’t even focus! Job updates, processes to document, management issues.. My brain’s nuts! 9:08 AM May 12th from web
  • The key won’t come out of our car’s ignition. We can’t turn it off or lock it. I swear… If it’s not one thing, it’s ten others! 9:35 PM May 11th from web
  • Ugh… Monday’s approaching again… 9:46 PM May 10th from mobile web
  • Didn’t get tix for Jay Leno on May 28th. =( Has anyone done the studio tours in Burbank, CA? NBC, Universal, Warner Bros? 10:17 AM May 10th from web
  • Woohoo! I was drawn for two tickets to Antiques Roadshow here in Phoenix on August 1st. What should I take with me?? Oh, decisions… =) 9:44 AM May 10th from web
  • Had some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Need to finish the coconut cake (made with 3 real coconuts!) and start the ham. Happy Mother’s Day! 9:38 AM May 10th from web
  • 10am… Pool’s ready! Just in time for it to creep to 108 degrees, on its way upwards. I think we’ll wait for the sun to go down! 10:10 AM May 9th from web
  • 6am Saturday morning… We’re putting up the summer pool on the patio before it gets too hot outside. It’s already 72 degrees! 6:15 AM May 9th from web
  • Trying to import songs into Lips for the Xbox 360. It’s not going so well. Very clunky. 8:09 PM May 8th from web
  • I physically cannot stand any more stress. I’ve surpassed my limit. 5:39 AM May 7th from web
  • The drain is 99% blocked in the “finished” shower. He must have got cement down it the last time he tried to fix the floor. AAARRRGGHHHH!! 5:38 AM May 7th from web
  • Getting ready to take a shower in our (finally) finished master shower. I just hope the grout stays down this time. 10:24 PM May 6th from web
  • Oh no! Lil’ Kim! How sad. =( 9:09 PM May 5th from web
  • Fiesta! Happy Cinco de Mayo! 5:59 AM May 5th from web
  • Preparing to upload my 30 second masterpiece declaring myself as the world’s Ultimate Transformers Fan… I hope I make it to the finals! 5:19 PM May 4th from web
  • Trying to add an MPG video to my iPod Touch. It lets me drag the video to the Movies screen with a plus sign, but doesn’t add it. Grrr! 5:55 AM May 4th from web
  • We completely de-fuzzed the house today. With four kitties, it takes a while. Had to empty the Dyson about 7 times! Lots of fur! 12:24 PM May 3rd from web
  • I need to find some way to relax. My stress levels are through the roof. 7:01 PM May 1st from mobile web
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