Living in a (Cellular) Black Hole
Oct 12th, 2006 by Jessica

Why is it that our home is in a cell phone black hole??  It doesn’t matter what carrier you have or what phone you use, nobody has signal in or near our house.  Our mailbox up the street has signal.  Not us. 

Sprint has a new coverage map available now that allows us to search by address to get coverage information.  So far, all the places I’ve looked up have been spot-on accurate (pun intended) based on my experience with the service.  I wish they would have disclosed this coverage map prior to signing a 2-year agreement.  Of course, with no other carrier covering our home we are screwed no matter what. 

Has anyone reading had experience with those signal boosters/extenders they sell to help with this problem?  We get 0-1 bars in the house and our phones often switch to digital roaming.  Thank goodness roaming is free with our plan.  I’m wondering if a signal extender will help at all…

Thanks to Andrew for this link, as well as the Rainbow rose link!

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Rainbow Roses?
Oct 12th, 2006 by Jessica

Rainbow Roses

As reported by, apparently there is now such a thing as Rainbow roses.  Now, if you can’t choose what color rose to get your loved one, this is your ticket out.  No more crazy women nor fanatical Hallmark writers will be able to decipher your feelings for the receiver. 

Don’t know how the heck you feel?  Go rainbow, baby.  Works every time.

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I Bought it on eBay
Oct 6th, 2006 by Jessica

My sister just sent me a YouTube link for I Bought it on eBay by Weird Al Yankovic.  You’ve GOT to check it out!  He’s genius, and has been proving it again and again for decades.  I think this time, he may just have outdone himself.  LOVE IT! 

If you like that one, you might like White & Nerdy too.

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Spitting image?
Oct 6th, 2006 by Jessica

According to, I am the spitting image of Eddie Murphy...According to the popular website, I am the spitting image of a very specific celebrity.  Who, you ask, does Jessica look most like?  Click on the image to find out!

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Netflix: My Love-Hate Relationship
Aug 21st, 2006 by Jessica has become one of my favorite places on the web.  We’ve had an account for several months now.   

For those unfamiliar with Netflix, you decide how many movies you want at a time, and pay a set amount per month.  Then you can dole out individual users within your account to have separate queues.  This way, my comedy and romantic drama choices stay separate from my husband’s reels and reels of anime flicks and action adventures.  Andrew is nice enough to allow me two movies at a time, while he settles with just one.

In the spirit of sharing little bits of insight to my somewhat boring life, I thought it would be fun to list some unexpected Netflix adventures.

Top 3 Movies Netflix recommended that I thought would suck, but found out I adore:

  1. Brokeback Mountain
  2. The Life of David Gale
  3. Anywhere But Here

Top 3 Movies Netflix recommended that I thought I would adore, but found out they suck:

  1. Secondhand Lions
  2. Penn & Teller: Off The Deep End
  3. Chicken Little

So there you have it.  What does this prove?  Automated computer ratings based on user opinions aren’t always correct.  Keep an open mind, and you might find that there are some unexpectedly good movies out there…

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Thanks, Andrew
Aug 21st, 2006 by Jessica

I’d like to take a moment to thank my sweet husband, Andrew, for helping put this entire site together.  I think in the 10 years we’ve been together, he’s assisted in every rendition of every website that I’ve presented.  Today, he made possible things like:

  • Random background images in the Random Mews header
  • Database queries on Google Calendar for Today’s Events
  • Pretty weather icons and center alignment
  • CSS knowledge transfer, including things like spacing, alignment, fonts, margins, tables and lots more
  • Tweaking this awesome design template to look prettier than it did when I started this whole project yesterday

As if he didn’t do enough around here already…  He took time out of his weekend to help me with this complete overhaul.  I appreciate it, very much!  I love you, sweetie.  *mwah*

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Switching to WordPress
Aug 20th, 2006 by Jessica

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to overhaul my website.  This includes switching from Blogger to WordPress.  My reasons are plentiful, and include such things as:

  • sucks and never works when I want to post or comment
  • I can use plug-ins with WordPress to do things like quotes and calendars
  • No updates have been done to my website in about 8 years
  • CGI is so 1999

I hope you like the updates.  Let me know what you think of the new site.  It’s a work in progress, but should be done soon.

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Gallery Updates: They’re just like magic!
Aug 19th, 2006 by Jessica


It's magic!I’ve taken some time tonight to update and rearrange my Gallery images. I’ve taken down my business website, so have moved my portfolio images over to this site.

Additionally, I’m still working on the recaps and photos from our trip to the UK and Ireland in July. I was hoping to be done by a month out, but alas, life has interfered with that plan. Hopefully they will be done soon.

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Why I love MySpace
Jun 8th, 2006 by Jessica

It really puts you in touch with your old friends…

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Snoop Dogg my Nizzle Blog
Mar 2nd, 2006 by Jessica

Check, check, check it out! freakin’ rocks my house. I crack up so hard when the most boring of webs sites are filtered through its slangmaker. 

Check out my blog, Snoop style. Fizzel my nizzle sugar!

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