Twitter Weekly Updates for Oct 7-Dec 16, 2012
December 19th, 2012 by Jessica

Twitter Tools decided to upgrade itself and break spectacularly in the process.  I can no longer automatically post my Twitter feeds every weekend like I have done for the past several years.

Here is a list of Tweets that haven’t been captured due to technical difficulties.  I’ll try to come up with a different solution over the Winter Break.

  • 16 Dec -Structural sugar! Yum!
  • 16 Dec – Santa diapers? I’ve officially seen it ALL.
  • 15 Dec – Cinderella’s Castle is all decked out for Christmas at Disneyland.
  • 15 Dec – We drove all the way to California Adventure to ride the Racers in Cars Land and they were broken both days. #disneyland #disappointment
  • 13 Dec – Ok so, who is this guy? Relationship to you: paternal grandfather of husband of sister-in-law.  knows ALL.
  • 13 Dec – Santa Hat pretzel bites!
  • 13 Dec – These two days of leadership training have been enlightening yet emotionally draining just the same.
  • 12 Dec – Attack of the Rice Krispy Treats! Red velvet, pumpkin spice, gingerbread, peppermint, cinnamon & chocolate.
  • 11 Dec – Five of my top values? Service, Achievement/Success, Recognition, Quality and Competence.
  • 11 Dec – Well, it was better than expected overall. As I figured, my current and former managers couldn’t be bothered to provide any feedback. #sigh
  • 11 Dec – Very nervous about getting my 360 feedback about my leadership abilities today. Expecting the worst.
  • 10 Dec – Okay week – I’m not ready for you to start yet! Can we rewind back to Saturday morning please?
  • 6 Dec – We’ve spent the whole week cataloguing hundreds of GI Joe parts for our brother-in-law. I foresee 50+ eBay auctions in our near future.
  • 3 Dec – “Oh no! Not a SONG!” – Grumpy Bear
  • 2 Dec – My pottery masterpiece. I call it, “FESTIVE POPCORN BOWL!”
  • 1 Dec – Impromtu cheeeeeese party!
  • 1 Dec – Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion was really cool. They actually jump-roped an entire pyramid of people. #insane
  • 1 Dec – When I said, “Let it snow!” the pollen from our neighbors’ 7′ backyard weeds is not what I had in mind.
  • 30 Nov – Day 5 of no soda. Caffeine detox in progress. #headache
  • 30 Nov – It’s sad when a coworker is excited to say, “Hey! We survived another month!” #november30
  • 28 Nov – I’m loving the weather this week. The highs are only around 80 degrees. We can finally open the windows and enjoy the fresh air and pollen.
  • 27 Nov – Crazy fire-in-the-sky sunset tonight
  • 26 Nov – Meh.
  • 25 Nov – Apparently people at Joanns still think it’s Black Friday. I’m about 93rd in line. #sigh
  • 24 Nov – Tumbles is wishing for some leftover Thanksgrilling ribs.
  • 24 Nov – “Does this make my chin look fat?”
  • 24 Nov – Balls of pollen are floating everywhere thanks to the mutant trees in our neighbor’s backyard. This one inva
  • 23 Nov – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house!
  • 23 Nov – Santa’s Beanie butt – one of my favorite sights of the holiday season!
  • 22 Nov – Christmas shopping: DONE! Christmas cards: DONE! Employee gifts: DONE! I’m ready to relax and enjoy December.
  • 22 Nov – Happy Thankgrilling! #thanksgiving #newtraditions
  • 21 Nov – Happy last-day-before-Thanksgiving-vacation Wednesday!
  • 20 Nov – Still can’t get my computer to boot. Tried recovering to 11/16 and 11/12, both points failed.
  • 19 Nov – My computer is still shutting itself off. I think it’s time to get out the repair disks.
  • 18 Nov – Just watched Hamlet with David Tennant. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. #culture
  • 18 Nov – Two out of three kitties agree: I should have stayed in bed today.
  • 18 Nov – Safe mode… backing up files to the external drive. #booo
  • 18 Nov – Last night’s automatic Windows updates killed my computer!
  • 18 Nov – My computer is unable to start. 🙁
  • 17 Nov – Twilight… oh the drama… didn’t expect the twist! Still a terrible flick overall.
  • 17 Nov – Color FAIL!
  • 15 Nov – I’m hosting a gourmet five course dinner tonight at a local restaurant for the ladies. I can’t wait to try the French-inspired desserts!
  • 13 Nov – Anyone know of an Android app that will calculate distances like a tape measure?
  • 13 Nov – This is one of those days when I should have stayed in bed. Definitely.
  • 12 Nov – Tumbles has redefined the term “headbutt” for kitties ’round the world…
  • 11 Nov – Supercheese! He’s so handsome.
  • 11 Nov – There’s a little girl running back and forth through the car wash waiting area in a Superman cape…
  • 11 Nov – It’s beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving ’round our place!
  • 10 Nov – Seems like Mother Nature forgot to turn off the air conditioning. #brrrr
  • 10 Nov – A special gift from my Honey Bunches – a beautiful sapphire orchid!
  • 10 Nov – I haven’t slept in until 11am since… well, I have no idea the last time. Boy was I exhausted from this week! Work is nonstop these days.
  • 9 Nov – I removed my nail polish and discovered it dyed my fingernails. Not cool.
  • 9 Nov – I’m so thankful it’s Friday and it’s even a 3-day weekend! I wish it were payday too.
  • 8 Nov – Is it Friday yet? #exhausted
  • 6 Nov – I wish I had $1 for every time CNN has tweeted the term, “CNN projects” this evening. #doughrolling
  • 6 Nov CNN Breaking News – Barack Obama will be re-elected president, CNN projects. #CNNelection (Retweeted by Jessica)
  • 5 Nov – When is NOT the best time to open an investment account? 3 days after a catastrophic superstorm / 3 days before a Presidential election…
  • 5 Nov – We just saw Wreck It Ralph in 3D – it was fantastic! Sooo cute! #oreo #whoaaah-oh
  • 4 Nov – Vegas was so much fun! I wish I didn’t have to come back to reality, although I did miss @FloatingCat big bunches. 🙂
  • 3 Nov – Crazy night at the Rio with the Carnival World Buffet followed by the Chippendales! #eyecandy
  • 3 Nov – Hello Kitty ROCKS @ Swarovski inside Caesar’s Forum Shops!
  • 3 Nov – Neon coins from the Fitzgerald’s Las Vegas!
  • 3 Nov – Time for our official grand opening Neon Museum tour!
  • 3 Nov – Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!
  • 3 Nov – VEGAS BABY!! Checking out the sights with my friend Beth.
  • 1 Nov – Captain, I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!
  • 1 Nov – Pei Wei is open by Airpark! Hooray!
  • 31 Oct – 2012 Halloween final count: 80. Much lower than previous years. It’s just not the same anymore.
  • 31 Oct Andrew Green ‏@FloatingCat – Sheriff Woody and “Tired” @sundevil99 were our costumes this Halloween. #howdyhowdyhowdy (Retweeted by Jessica)
  • 31 Oct – Cutest costume: Our neighbor’s daughter dressed as a Bumblebee and did a hip hop dance routine to a boom box tune for candy.
  • 31 Oct – This year for Halloween I dressed in my robe and slippers, while Andrew was Woody from Toy Story. #howdyhowdyhowdy
  • 31 Oct – Happy Halloween!
  • 31 Oct – I was forced to cancel my vacation this Halloween, so I’m going to work in my bathrobe. I’m officially “tired.”
  • 30 Oct – Ancestry DNA has successfully matched me with an new 4th cousin on the Cole side of the family. How exciting!
  • 30 Oct – It’s sad how my level of stress is directly proportional to my frequency of tweets. #slowtweetweek
  • 29 Oct – So thankful it’s FINALLY nice enough outside to leave the house. I feel sad for the east coasters being ravaged by hurricane Sandy tonight.
  • 28 Oct – We decorated our empty flower bed with skeletons for my Ghost S’Mories event tonight. LOL!
  • 27 Oct – Sad to say goodbye to my lil’ brother this morning. I hope he comes back to visit sometime soon!
  • 26 Oct – We had SO much fun with Noah, DaD and Karen adventuring through Arizona this week. I’m sad they have to go back home!
  • 25 Oct – We took Noah to the Grand Canyon, Lowell Observatory and Meteor Crater. His response: “I just can’t decide which is my favorite.”
  • 23 Oct – Karen, Noah and I painted pumpkins for Halloween today!
  • 21 Oct – Noah’s Arizona adventure began with watching Avengers in-flight, enjoying Five Guys for lunch, then he played my Nintendo 3DS all night!
  • 20 Oct – Today is the day Noah comes to visit!!! Hooray!!! Just five more hours to wait.
  • 19 Oct – Can’t get up for a minute in this place…
  • 19 Oct – I just butt-texted my sister-in-law. Ahhh, the perils of carrying a smartphone in my pocket at all times.
  • 17 Oct – Three more days… but who’s counting? I AM!
  • 17 Oct – OMG Kitty bag w/FUR!!
  • 17 Oct – The forward collision alert in my new car does more than just light up and beep. It also slams the breaks faster than I could react. #wow
  • 16 Oct – I hope the move I just made is career-enhancing, not career-limiting…
  • 16 Oct – Four more days! I’ve got a one track mind this week, and it’s set to FUN!
  • 15 Oct – Gahhhh!!
  • 15 Oct – Just five more days until I get to hang out with my lil’ brother!!
  • 13 Oct – My lil’ brother is visiting next week. I got him a Cars sleeping bag and a special night light to match. 🙂
  • 13 Oct – I’m making Brown Butter Caramel Spice cookies filled with dulce de leche! Time to stock the freezer with pr
  • 13 Oct – Out shopping to stock up the kitchen. Today is baking day! Making lots and lots of cookies to freeze.
  • 12 Oct – Chaos!! They are never consistent, are they?
  • 12 Oct – “Student apologizes, shoots self in class,” “Man dies after cops Taser him” and “TV host accused of sex abuse.” News makes me sick.
  • 12 Oct – Why don’t I read the news? “U.S. drone kills 16,” “Gang-raped girl can’t leave home” and “Mom kicked, glued kid’s hands.” That’s why.
  • 12 Oct – TGIF
  • 10 Oct – Red Velvet cake from Liberty Market makes me happy! @ Liberty Market
  • 10 Oct Ms. Green M&M’S® ‏@mmsgreen Green goes with anything! (Retweeted by Jessica)
  • 9 Oct – It’s one of those no-gaps-between-meetings days. One thing after another, then another and another.
  • 8 Oct – Milk Chocolate Chip soft batch cookies! #yummy
  • 8 Oct – I got to spend some time with my friend Katie this weekend. She is visiting Arizona from Colorado.
  • 7 Oct – RIP Mark Douglas Holly (1958-2012). We’ll miss you Uncle Mark!
  • 7 Oct – The Gilbert Temple is coming along. The parking lot and palm trees are being installed.


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