Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07
October 7th, 2012 by Jessica

  • Breakfast pancakes and fruit at Joe's Farm Grill #
  • It's kitty roundup time! Here's Cheetoe! #
  • Tumble time! #
  • We're the Lucky ones with this lovable fella. He's sugar sweet! #
  • What did I have for lunch today? A flu shot. #ouch #
  • I'm seriously jonesin' for chocolate milk. #
  • I feel like I have homework, but I have to rely on others to complete it. I really don't like that feeling. #
  • I set out 5 boxes of cookies for 100 coworkers. They were GONE in 2 hours. Only one person said "Thank you." #
  • I need a white flag. #
  • "When you bang your head against the wall, you're the only one who bleeds from it." – Colleague #
  • Jury selection is today. The best part is that I get to wear jeans and a tshirt. #
  • Being stuck in a jury assembly room the morning after the first Obama/Romney Presidential debate is a special form of torture. #
  • I am #37 All I can think of is "Clerks." 37??? #
  • Bah! "Absolute secrecy." #
  • Listening to the entire Arizona Criminal Code and all Arizona Revised Statutes read by a computer voice is another special form of torture. #
  • Five. Hours. Of. Codes. #
  • I feel like Neo in The Matrix. "I know the entire Arizona Title 13 Criminal Code." #blinkblinkblink #
  • Apple Fries at Durger Dog are delicious! @ Durger Dog #
  • Adult PB&J at Indulge Burger in Scottsdale with bananas, onion straws and bacon… #
  • I'm trying my hand at a few homemade Halloween crafts this year. We have a few parties lined up and my little bro will be visiting too! #

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