Preparing to say Goodbye
August 19th, 2012 by Jessica

I’m sadly preparing to say goodbye to my Baby – my 2004 GMC Envoy SLE.  She’s been with me her entire life. Since July 2004, she has accompanied us safely on journeys all throughout Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and more – 113,519 miles to be exact.  She’s been on the Vegas Strip a few dozen times.  She drove through a Redwood tree in California.  She made it up Snowbowl with her four wheel drive.  She’s got some love dings to prove her adventurous side.

My Baby - 2004 GMC Envoy SLE
My Baby – 2004 GMC Envoy SLE

I’ve been searching for my next car for nearly two years.  I’ve driven more than 50 cars on my quest to find a suitable replacement.  In fact, I was going to replace her in 2011 but I just couldn’t find one that met her high standards for comfort and power.  That meant Andrew was able to replace his car instead, and I kept on happily driving her until now.

Unfortunately my Baby isn’t going to last much longer.  She’s worked her little engine out for me.  She nearly falls apart going over railroad tracks.  She stalls randomly on freeway exit ramps.  Her lights flicker and strobe when it rains.  Most of her dash and radio lights have burned out. Sadly, it’s time for her to go.

I’m gaining Bluetooth, a back-up camera, a sunroof, programmable heated seats, built-in Navigation and remote start.  I’m letting go of beautiful plush cloth seats, the most incredible turning radius known to man and about 15 cubic feet of cargo space.  There are pros and cons to both.  At least the engines should be comparable, although my Baby is about half the curb weight.  I’ve already purchased cloth seat covers and an ultrasuede steering wheel cover to hide all the nasty black leather in her replacement.

Even though I’ve ordered a brand new car, nothing can replace my Baby.  I’ll miss her dearly. She’s still in the driveway and I already miss her.

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