Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05
August 5th, 2012 by Jessica

  • Nails Inc gold fishnet magnetic polish… Not as defined as I had hoped. #
  • Relaxing weekend. Spent time watching the Olympics, completing my home office makeover and teaching a Genealogy class for my ladies' group. #
  • I worked out for an hour after work today. Feels good to expend some energy to gain some in return. #exerciseisgood #
  • Boy Tumbles… No poker face for you eh? #
  • They shut off the water in our building at work so we have to pee next door. Of course they couldn't do it on Friday when nobody's here… #
  • First I lose my Madonna ticket stub… now all three of my diplomas are missing. #OMGWTF #
  • OH THANK GOODNESS – FOUND THEM! We've collected quite a few diplomas between us over the years. #
  • My 2013 Terrain is supposed to be built next week (Aug 6 '12). I'm trying to figure out how to buy my new car without talking to a salesman. #
  • Definition of irony: Watching a music video on TV for a song called "Heard it on the Radio" which is available by digital download only. #
  • I reconfigured my desk and realized I had lost one bracket. Bush Furniture sent me a FREE replacement part. #excellentcustomerservice #
  • UPS Headquarters made me call the Boston UPS Store my damaged luggage was shipped from to ask them to review the claim. #badcustomerservice #
  • Oh, and I should mention, the 16-year old who answered in Boston couldn't help me. #ups #badcustomerservice #
  • I made my Twitter feed public four hours ago and I've already been spammed 5x. #
  • I pulled out all the unfinished scrapbook pages from our trip to the UK. It's about time I finish the last 5 layouts. #
  • What the heck?? #
  • Bronchitis was not on my wish list for things to get in August. #bummer #
  • I'm excited to have our new Whole House DVR setup. The timing is unfortunate though, as I have nothing recorded to watch while resting. #
  • It's only been six hours and I'm already tired of sitting on the couch. #bronchitis #
  • Tumbles, did you get into the mascara again? #
  • We just customized the extra cards in our set of Cards Against Humanity. Those should spice up the game a little bit! #
  • I've enjoyed watching the London Olympics on NBC this year. Now can we fast forward to the Fall comedy premieres on ABC? #

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