Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22
July 22nd, 2012 by Jessica

  • I'm off to Boston for the EDUCAUSE Management Institute. I'll be there for 5 days. #
  • "My tail was here first!" #
  • Livin' the dream, baby! #
  • Five hour flight… why do people insist on sitting and standing in one place at the gate? Walk around people! Walk around! #
  • Time to fly to Washington. Coach on this leg, first class (first time ever!) On the next leg to Boston! #
  • So much for that plan. 45 min delay leaving Phoenix. Stuck on the plane. Will miss my flight from Washington to Boston. #groan #
  • Delayed 45 mins from PHX, circled Virginia for 80 mins due to bad weather then finally landed in DC to be stuck on the runway 4 lightening. #
  • This "3 hr 54 min flight" has already exceeded 6 miserable hours with three crying babies. #
  • Well I'm technically sitting on the original connecting flight to Boston but this one has been delayed about 2 hours for mechanical issues. #
  • We're still waiting at the gate to leave for Boston. #
  • 7:30. Now we're waiting on the side of the runway for a reroute due to a storm between DC and Boston… #
  • I'm losing my patience. #
  • 9:05. Finally landed in Boston. I wonder if my luggage will be joining me or if it decided to vacation elsewhere without me? #
  • My luggage stayed in DC. Can't say as I blame it. #
  • Taxi ride to the hotel was fine. Scary part of town though. Going to try to get delivery for dinner. #
  • I hate Boston. I was trying to be good about this whole stupid ass trip, but I've lost all my patience and can't take it any more. #
  • At least I don't have to close the door when I use the bathroom… Oh wait, YES I DO. #
  • This is the scenery in the bathroom at the Boston Common Hotel. #
  • …and here's the wall plug for the 1993 television set. #
  • …and here are the closet doors that do not shut. #
  • …am I making my point here? #
  • Here's a sample of what all the walls look like throughout the room. #
  • This is the entire room, at least, as much as I can capture cuz I can't back up far enough… #
  • My luggage was scheduled to arrive 5 hours ago on the next flight from DC. Now they say they can't even FIND it anymore. #
  • This hotel's idea of a continental breakfast can be sufficiently predicted by the cracks in the paper walls. #ineedrealfood #
  • 10:40am. Still no luggage. The apology code United gave me to redeem for all the shit I've endured was previously redeemed. #sigh #
  • I don't even want to know what kind of stains these are on the wall next to the bed. #
  • This is an example of what all the door hinges look like at Boston Common Hotel. #
  • Inside Trinity Church in Copley Square #
  • I decided to get myself a little souvenier to remember this wonderful trip. #
  • This is what the walls in the hallways and staircases look like at the Boston Common Hotel. #
  • No luggage. United Claims said I should have the bag within 6 hours of 7am. It's 6 hours later. He called the courier, who didn't answer. #
  • Luggage arrived at 4pm. #
  • The Reading Room at the Boston Public Library #
  • Reserved for Boston Food Truck #
  • Two story Apple Store on Boylston Street in downtown Boston #
  • My Oreos are soggy. #humidity #
  • Kitty says "Boston sucks! Get me outta here!" #
  • Cold & Yummy Milk Jugs from McDonald's at Logan Airport #
  • Long story short, I got to Logan by taxi at 2pm. At 4pm, United dumped my flight to Newark and sent me to US Airways in another terminal. #
  • My original flight was at 6, my new flight is at 7 on a different airline. I'm glad I shipped my suitcase UPS before coming to the airport. #
  • So I'm physically actually boarded on an aircraft supposedly headed for home. I wonder if I'll actually get there today? #hope #
  • Finally. Home. #finally #
  • My honey @FloatingCat picked up a new game called Monopoly Millionaire. No need to bankrupt others, just earn $1m to win! #fun #
  • Seriously, Tumbles. I think you do it on purpose. #

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