Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24
June 24th, 2012 by Jessica

  • If you're under age 12 or over age 75, you can now keep your shoes and jacket on thru airport security. Cuz those people can't be a threat? #
  • On my way to Salt Lake City! #
  • Oh man… that was a very, very turbulent flight. *blech* #
  • Dinner @ Lucky 13's in SLC. Breath Enhancer burger and a Grilled Cheese. Yum! #
  • Downtown SLC from Antelope Island #
  • Our view of SLC and the Family History Library (bottom) #
  • Family History Library, here we come!!! #
  • Waiting to enter the Family History Library in SLC! #
  • Third floor US and Canada Books at the FHL #
  • I found a death record for Nahum Green in Royalston, MA. Died July 29, 1776 "of smallpox caught in camp at Cambridge" aged 47 years. #
  • I also found the birth record for Nahum Green, son of William and Sarah, born April 13, 1729 in Leicester, MA. That's another generation! #
  • Dinner @ The Pie Pizzeria Downtown SLC was incredible. Excellent cheese pull-a-part, a Wise Guy and a custom w/all my favorites. #delicious #
  • Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah #
  • View of Temple Square from our hotel #
  • Yankee Candle has a new line of "Man Candles." I can't make this stuff up. #
  • TRAX going under the City Creek Skywalk #
  • The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has a piano outside that says "Play Me" all over it! #
  • I found the missing link in the Green family history! Nahum – William – William – William – Thomas of Malden, MA born in 1606 in England. #
  • I found some land records for David Cole and Edward Payne Cole, along with the Will for Benjamin Cole this morning. Woot! Time for lunch. #
  • Tower of Books at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts (Wall of Language in the background) #
  • We had a great break for lunch at City Creek and walked through UMoCA. Now it's back to research at the library! #
  • INCREDIBLE find: Nahum Green's full estate inventory from January 1, 1776! #
  • This morning we're off an adventure to Evanston, Wyoming and heading down the Mirror Lake Bypass. #
  • Checking out a Quilt shop in Evanston, Wyoming #
  • Dinosaurs at the Wyoming Rocks & Fossils shop #
  • Mini's Cupcakes in downtown SLC! #
  • We had a nice adventure to Wyoming and back. We decided to skip Mirror Bypass in favor of more library time. Back to the microfilm readers! #
  • We also drove through Park City and saw the Olympic Park site from the 2002 Winter Olympics. #
  • These are the records in Polish I'm searching through to find Joseph Dreffs' birthdate… #helpme #
  • I found the bond administration for Nahum Green proving that his wife Dorcus (Sanger) Green was still alive on January 1, 1776. #
  • Fried Macaroni & Cheese at The Cheesecake Factory #
  • Fooooooood comaaaaaaaaaaa! #
  • I found the original birth record for Cirel Green & death record for his father Nahum Green! #
  • This might just be a researcher's worst nightmare… #
  • Lunch @ Guzzi's Vintage Burgers & Fries was… unique. Hole in the wall lunch dive with an interesting clientele. Sarah liked her burger! #
  • Pioneer Model at This Is The Place in SLC #
  • Utah State Capitol Building #
  • Lady Liberty looks out towards the West #
  • Dinner @ The Lion House Pantry, Bringham Young's home, was very good. Grilled ham, pot roast, sides and some apple pie! Yum! #
  • We're watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice in Salt Lake City! #
  • Breakfast @ The Lion House Pantry is unbelievable! Sourdough pancakes with house-made cinnamon butter syrup… YUM! #
  • Flowers at the Bee Hive House #
  • Grand chandelier inside the Hotel Utah #
  • Inside Temple Square #
  • I found the original marriage record for Nathaniel Sanger and Dorcas Peak from October 27, 1715 in Woodstock, CT! #
  • I also found Dorcas Sanger's birth record on the same film from 1732! Dorcas married Nahum Green in 1750. She is Cirel Green's mother. #
  • We had a short walk through the Tracy Aviary. We saw Rare Birds and the Owl Forest before overheating. It's awfully hot outside today! #
  • I found the index entry for the estate settlement of Cyrel Green, died 1808 in Bethel, Vermont but I can't find the original record. 🙁 #
  • I must say @stampsgal is AWESOME! She found Cyrel's estate docs! #
  • Parley is not listed as a minor on Cyrel's estate. That means either Cyrel wasn't his father after all, or his 1800 birth date is wrong… #
  • …and then @stampsgal in all her brilliance expressed the theory that the "Polly" in the guardianship probate is actually "Parley!" #
  • The angel Moroni is shining in the morning sun @ Temple Square #
  • Well, Parley Green and his siblings are nowhere in births, marriages, deaths or cemetery records for Barnard or Bethel, Vermont. #sigh #
  • I found Abner and his parents Parley and Maria in the 1855 NY State Census, Monroe Co, Wheatland, District 2. #
  • I still can't make the link between Parley and his true father. 🙁 #
  • Schaar line jackpot! Friedrich's birth record (1851), his parents Johann & Anna's marriage (1837) and Anna Borusch's birth record (1815). #
  • My final evening at FHL was filled with many discoveries and a ton of leads to follow as I move forward with my research. #incredibletrip #

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