Valentine Rue Cole (#21 of 40) – My First 40 Finds in the 1940 US Census
June 21st, 2012 by Jessica

Welcome to My First 40 Finds in the 1940 US Census!  This blog series is a tribute to the first 40 entries that I located without the use of an index.

The 1940 US Federal Census was released online to the public on April 2, 2012.  Within the first three days, I had already found 40 families from my various tree branches.  I spent six months prior to the release researching the exact addresses and locations for these families so I could find them quickly upon the census release.

This 1940 US Federal Census entry features the family of Valentine Rue Cole and his wife Loretta May (Brown) Cole.  Valentine is 48 years old and was an electrician at a steel mill, having worked all 52 weeks in 1935 and earned a salary of $2,300.  Loretta is 39 years old and was listed as a Housewife for an occupation.  Both had an 8th grade education.

They are listed with their children Donald Clinton Cole (18), Lee Henry Cole (16), Jack Wilbur Cole (20), Jack’s wife Catherine May (Garrett) Cole (18) and their son Jack Timothy “Tim” Cole (1).  They family are living in the same house they were in 1935, and in fact, still lives there today in 2012.  Daughter-in-law Catherine had moved from Chesterton in Porter County to join the family.  They owned the home which was valued at $2,000.

Notice that Valentine’s brother, Clyde Clayton Cole, lived in the next household.  His family continues on to the next page.

The grandson listed in this census entry, J. Timothy Cole, is an incredible Cole family historian.  He has collaborated with my father and I for genealogical research for the past 30+ years.  Check out his website at for more information about the Cole family.

Valentine Rue Cole

Valentine Rue Cole

Source citation: Source citation: 1940 US Federal Census, State of Indiana, Porter County, Liberty Township, ED 64-13, Sheet 3B, Lines 73-79.

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