Peter Joseph Zimmer (#11 of 40) – My First 40 Finds in the 1940 US Census
June 11th, 2012 by Jessica

Welcome to My First 40 Finds in the 1940 US Census!  This blog series is a tribute to the first 40 entries that I located without the use of an index.

The 1940 US Federal Census was released online to the public on April 2, 2012.  Within the first three days, I had already found 40 families from my various tree branches.  I spent six months prior to the release researching the exact addresses and locations for these families so I could find them quickly upon the census release.

This 1940 US Federal Census entry features the family of Peter Joseph Zimmer, the great-grandfather of the second wife of my father.  Stay with me now!  Peter Zimmer (age 70) had a 4th grade education.  He is listed here with his second wife Amelida (age 48) who has a 7th grade education.  Also shown are his daughters Mary Berniece Zimmer (23) and Rita Marie Zimmer (18) and their young son Kendall Peter Zimmer (8).  Kendall was the grandfather of my father’s second wife.

Peter Joseph Zimmer passed away just one month after this census was enumerated.  He died on on May 6, 1940.

Peter Joseph Zimmer

Peter Joseph Zimmer

Source citation: 1940 US Federal Census, State of Michigan, St Clair County, St Clair, ED 74-62, Sheet 16A Lines 37-40 & Sheet 16B Line 1

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