Ferdinand DeSoto Fox (#6 of 40) – My First 40 Finds in the 1940 US Census
June 6th, 2012 by Jessica

Welcome to My First 40 Finds in the 1940 US Census!  This blog series is a tribute to the first 40 entries that I located without the use of an index.

The 1940 US Federal Census was released online to the public on April 2, 2012.  Within the first three days, I had already found 40 families from my various tree branches.  I spent six months prior to the release researching the exact addresses and locations for these families so I could find them quickly upon the census release.

This 1940 US Federal Census entry features the family of Ferdinand DeSoto Fox, the paternal great-grandfather of the husband of my sister-in-law.  Just move along people, move along…  Ferdinand Fox was living with his wife Arley (aka Arlie) L. (nee Merritt) Fox and their children: son Gale (or Gail) E. Fox (23) and daughter Marjorie M. Fox (12).  Ferdinand was 50 years of age and is listed as having a 3rd grade education.  His wife Arley was 44 and had a 6th grade education.  They are all living in the same house as they did in 1935.

Notice the household just before Ferdinand lists another Fox family: Thomas E. Fox with his wife Hallie M. and children Leslie, Aleen and Nolene (lines 55-59).  I’m not sure if/how they are related to Ferdinand.  This may have been a cousin of his.

Ferdinand DeSoto Fox

Ferdinand DeSoto Fox

Source citation: 1940 US Federal Census, State of Missouri, Howell County, Pottersville, ED 46-19, Sheet 11B, Lines 60-63.

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