Elementary School – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History
June 5th, 2012 by Jessica

Week 44. Elementary School. Describe your grammar/elementary school (or schools). Were they big or small? Are any of these schools still in existence today? If so, how have they changed since you went there?

Perfect Attendance Award

Perfect Attendance Award

I attended Harvey E. Kauffman Elementary School in Bridgeport, Michigan from 1983-1988.  The school converted into a community center while I was in high school.  It held two classes each of grades 1st through 5th, or approximately 300 students.  My teachers were Mrs. Raul (1st), Miss Dey (2nd), Mrs. Ruthig (3rd), Mrs. Mustric (4th) and Mr. Cooper (5th). I have previously written about James Cooper in the Favorite Teachers week of this series.

The Principal of the school was Mr. William Case, whom I posing with in this photo to receive my Perfect Attendance award on February 1, 1984 during 1st grade.

The Challenger space shuttle exploded during third grade on January 28, 1986.  We had learned about the shuttle launch in school through the Weekly Reader, and took a moment of silence when we heard the news that day.  A few weeks later on Valentine’s day, I was awarded Student of the Week (February 14, 1986).

I was a Hall Monitor during 5th grade for the area outside the gymnasium.  I wore an official school-issued Hall Monitor patch around my upper arm that was white with blue embroidery.  My job was to stop kids from running out to the busses at the end of the day.  I took my post very, very seriously.

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