Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27
May 27th, 2012 by Jessica

  • Could someone please turn off the sun? #
  • Dominion Day @ Beth's was a blast! I won one & lost one. I also learned a new game called Rolling Through The Ages. I just love game days! #
  • I moved to a new office cubicle at work today. It will take some getting used after sitting inside the data center for the last 5 years. #
  • I was just recognized by our office recognition committee for recognizing my employees. #catch22 #
  • It's kind of funny to see how excited my coworkers get when they see mini cupcakes on the shared food table. #
  • Memorial Day weekend! Four full days of whatever I feel like. Night photography & card games are top on my list of fun things to do. #
  • I bought a subscription to Pandora and I really like it. I can find specific songs or choose any genre, commercial free, for $3 per month. #
  • Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish in Ionic Indigo #iminlove #
  • Here is part of my pressed penny collection. I collect pressed quarters too! #
  • Nail polish is awesome 🙂 #
  • Cheetoe napping in Andrew's drawer #
  • Zombies have infiltrated our borders and are running rampant through downtown Phoenix. #
  • Some photos from tonight's photography walk in Downtown Phoenix (including some Zombies!): #
  • Ready to photograph stars tonight at Lake Pleasant Regional Park #
  • Sunset over Lake Pleasant #

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