Favorite School Subject – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History
May 22nd, 2012 by Jessica

Week 42. Favorite School Subject. What was your favorite subject in school and why? Was it also your best subject?

My favorite subjects are difficult to choose between because I enjoyed them for different reasons.

Apple II Computer
Apple II Computer

I always loved computer classes.  Big surprise, eh? In elementary school my 4th grade class had Apple IIe computers and we played The Oregon Trail and Lemonade Stand.  During middle school we learned typing; fortunately for me I was able to type faster than my teacher did (92 words per minute) so she signed a waiver for me to skip the class and volunteer across the street at the developmental school over her class period.

Computer Programming was really fun in high school; I even took it as Independent Study for a few semesters.  I learned Logo and C languages on the Apple platform in class from 1992-1994.  I built a race track betting game for my classmates to play.  It randomized the winners of the “horses” (aka circles on the screen) around the track and my classmates bet on them.

For my senior prank in June 1995, on the last day of high school I snuck into the AutoCAD lab and dropped the DOS prompt into the Startup folder on all of the computers loaded with the brand new Windows 95 operating system.  A few hours later, I heard the CAD teacher call my name over the PA system.  Someone ratted me out, but it was worth it to hear about that teacher scratching his head for an hour trying to figure out why the new computers wouldn’t boot.

My other favorite subject had to be Wood Shop (and Metal Shop too).  I love building things with my hands.  I think I get a combination of that from my mother, who built a lot of her own home furniture back in the day, and my father, who builds model cars.  In Wood Shop we were allowed to choose from a number of different projects such as bookends, shelves and a toolbox.  I built one of each.  My pride and joy was that toolbox – my DaD still has it.  I spent a few weeks cutting the boards to the exact dimensions, sanding it endlessly so it was perfectly smooth and staining it a beautiful dark brown color.  It even had an inner removable tray.  Metal Shop was fun too; I believe I built a pair of candlestick holders.  I wasn’t very good with the blow torch but I did enjoy trying to learn how to use it.

My best subject was always English or whichever variant of English I was taking at the time.  Poetry, fiction, essays – as long as I was writing, I was doing well and always enjoyed it.  I guess that’s why I love to blog so much today.  It comes easy to me and I enjoy it very much.

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