Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13
May 13th, 2012 by Jessica

  • Caught up on email this morning and event calendar planning. Finished the grocery shopping too. After lunch, I’m off to the symphony! #
  • The symphony was nice and dinner at San Tan Brewery was delicious! I’m glad I hosted that event with CulturalAZ. #
  • Dinner at Pei Wei was spicier than usual. Now, it’s time for board game night! #
  • We played Rack-O and a new game called Munchkin. It’s like Magic Light or Magic for kids. Pretty fun! #
  • Sundial display made of cactus plants at the Desert Botanical Gardens #
  • “I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob.” #
  • Ever wonder what’s it’s like to drive into a massive dust storm? #
  • I received the most incredible portraits, letters & family tree from Andrew’s cousin in Poland, Roman Dominik! I am so grateful to him. #
  • I have a sinking feeling that going back to bed would be a better idea than starting my day. #
  • Some other Jessica Green has put my email address on Craig’s List associated with her property for sale. #fail #
  • My team has 37 active projects (that I am aware of) and over 40 inactive projects. More get added daily, but none ever seem to finish. #
  • My work day sounds like Animal Crossing. #
  • Attention Jessica Green of Brockton, MA who is looking for a new house – STOP GIVING OUT MY EMAIL ADDRESS AS YOURS. #idiot #
  • I think I just won the all-time record for the lowest score ever in Dominion. #curses #
  • Good morning, Saturday! #
  • Here’s your Genealogy Tip of the Day: In German, Taufen means Baptism and Tote means Death. #
  • Andrew is enjoying Kitty Piddle! Yum! #
  • Have I mentioned that @stampsgal TOTALLY ROCKS?!?!?! #
  • The Wonka aisle at Sweeties Candy Store in Chandler #
  • A small part of the Pez selection at Sweeties #
  • Our Saturday celebration of Mother’s Day 2012 was lots of fun! We had an excellent ham with fixins and played 3 rounds of The Logo Game. #
  • Game night @ Beth’s was awesome. Skip-bo, Tsuro and 7 Wonders were all fun with our group of five players. #

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