Trouble – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History
May 8th, 2012 by Jessica

Week 40: Trouble. What happened when you got into trouble as a child? What was punishment like in your home?

Ass whoopin’.

That was the punishment for getting in trouble at my house, and I got them a lot.  My Mom even called it that!  “Come ‘ere, I’ll whip yer ass!”  Then DaD would get the belt out and I would run like hell for my bedroom. I was always in trouble for something!

One time I was messing around in the living room and I broke my mother’s glass bowling trophy that was sitting on top of the television.  If I remember correctly, I tried to tell her that I didn’t do it.  A bold faced lie, I’m certain of it – and she didn’t buy it for a second.

Another infamous time of trouble was when my cousin Shannon Roe and I – may she rest in peace – used sidewalk chalks to confess our love for the hot neighbor guy next door down in Indiana.  We drew everywhere, in every color, all over the driveway and sidewalks and the deck and everything.  Big giant hearts, our first name with his last name, and lots of scripty scrolly fonts.  My Uncle Bret was super pissed!  He made us erase it all with the hose.  We were cold and water logged after a few hours of trying to undo our deed.

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