Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06
May 6th, 2012 by Jessica

  • Rocket Burgers & Subs has a soda shop at 35th Ave & Cactus with more than 300 soda varieties. #sugarjackpot #
  • Spent 90 mins walking through Brass Armadillo, a massive antique mall in North Phoenix. I found a few fun items to mess around with. #
  • Had fun celebrating Amy's new job with her new 1 mile commute and the same pay! Enjoyed dinner @ BJ's and 2 rounds of Dominion. #
  • I think I need to practice my calm voice. #
  • There's a little cafe by my office with the most exceptional waitress. Always friendly, quick – she had my drink served before I sat down. #
  • My promised my personal trainer that I would get back on track. That means eggs for breakfast and no more junk food. #imissmychipsalready #
  • My lunch was terrible. 🙁 #
  • Nighttime snack – Roasted Garlic Cauliflower #
  • Uh-oh. The Bobs are coming. "So, what exactly *do* you do?" #
  • I saw The Five Year Engagement last night. It hit too close to home; it's another personal Up. #
  • My brain is tired. I think it has officially been overworked. #timefortheweekend #
  • Geez. You state the truth, and some people just can't handle it. I should know better than to be honest by now. #

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