Earliest Memory – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History
April 17th, 2012 by Jessica

Week 37: Earliest Memory. What is your earliest memory?

Jessica & Kathy's Kool Aid Stand (1982)

Jessica & Kathy's Kool Aid Stand (1982)

My true earliest memory is getting “the burn” on my stomach at age 4 in 1981.  You can read all about it during Week #11 – Illness & Injury.

I have lots of very early memories, but here are some of my favorites.

I distinctly remember popping the lock on my sister’s bedroom using her baton so I could play with her toys.  I also remember running through the sprinkler with her in the front yard.  It was shaped like a clown and the hat was pushed up by the water pressure, spraying everybody and everything in sight.  We also loved drinking Kool Aid in our little plastic Kool Aid cups.

I remember playing with Barbie dolls in the basement, in the dollhouse my Grandpa gave me that DaD never got around to finishing.  It smelled like cigars down there because my DaD learned how to roll them when I was very young.

I liked watching Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, The Smurfs and The Snorks on Saturday morning television.

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