Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08
April 8th, 2012 by Jessica

  • My office is a giant mess because of all the photography stuff I pulled out for the workshop. Can't it just put itself away? #
  • I'm going through every person on my 1940 Census list to identify exact addresses through City Directories and WWII draft records. #
  • Out of 674 pages in a city directory, I just randomly chose the exact page the person I was looking for was listed on. #bizarreluck #
  • States I'm ready to search in the 1940 Census: Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri #
  • Happy birthday to our kitties! Cheetoe is 11 and Tumbleweed is 9 today. They are both senior citizen kitties now. #
  • Andrew just asked me what the song was on TV. Lucky for him, after deep thought he identified it as "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers. #
  • Nine hours and counting. 1940 Census, I'm ready for you! #
  • Twenty minutes and counting. I'm so excited! #
  • Wow! is flying at posting the new 1940 Census images. About half of Indiana is already up there! #
  • Even the live Webcast for the NARA launch is having trouble.. "The form doesn't work. Uh-oh!" #
  • The site is responding perfectly fine, but the submission form is broken. #
  • We're 20 minutes in, and the NARA search form still doesn't work. #
  • Yay Megan!!! Bring those soldiers home! #
  • "ERROR: The request could not be satisfied. Generated Mon, 02 Apr 2012 13:37:29 GMT by cloudfront (CloudFront)" #boo #
  • The issues with the launch of the 1940 Census were expected, although still disappointing. #
  • I made it past the search screen! Now if only I could view an image… #
  • I see my first 1940 Census image! Saginaw, ED 73-43. Walter Dreffs, I'm hunting you down! #
  • I downloaded the entire ED 73-43 set of images and searched them. I found some Stroiks, but not Dreffs. Moving on to 73-48! #
  • Yay for Ancestry who just posted the Porter County, Indiana census images! #
  • I found my gg-grandparents Leroy & Minnie Cole, Indiana, Porter County, Valparaiso, ED 64-7, Sheet 4A, line 29. He has supplementals too! #
  • My second find, g-grandparents Lyal & Agnes Cole, Indiana, Porter County, Valparaiso, ED 64-7, Sheet 9A, line 10. Uncle Blaine has Line 14! #
  • My third find, g-grandparents George & Emma Fitzgerald, Indiana, Porter County, Valparaiso, ED 64-2, Sheet 2A, Line 2. Living with son Guy. #
  • So far I'm very impressed with Ancestry. The images are loading quickly and they are crisp. I'm extremely lucky they chose Indiana first! #
  • Grocery bill was $170 after discounts. #omg #
  • Seriously Tumbles? That's my arm you're using as a footrest. #
  • I took vacation from work today to search the 1940 Census. #hardcoregenealogist #
  • I found Robert Henry Kane, my late step-father, in the 1940 Census. He was 3 years old! #
  • I found my little brother Noah's great-great-grandfather, Peter Joseph Zimmer, in the 1940 Census. They were on Pugg Road in St. Clair, MI. #
  • I found my husband's great-grandparents Fred & Wava Green and most of their grown children in the 1940 Census – Pine Grove, Van Buren, MI. #
  • I've found 25 families in the 1940 Census. I'm still hunting for the two most important – Walter Dreffs & Von Fitzgerald. #
  • I found my grandmother Florence Fitzgerald with her parents Vondall & Jennie, along with 8 of her siblings in Eagle Creek, Lake Co, Indiana! #
  • I also found her grandmother, May (Richards) Fisher, living nearby in Eagle Creek. She was 73 with a 10th grade education. Woohoo! #
  • CAPTCHA is giving me words with foreign characters. How am I supposed to type those with my American English keyboard? #
  • 1940 Census Awesome Name Alert: ARCHIE MCPHEE! Michigan, Saginaw, Saginaw City, ED 73-44B, Sheet 9A, Line 23. #
  • 1940 Census Awesome Name Alert: OTTO CUFFPUFFER #
  • 1940 Not-so-Awesome Name Alert: ARTHUR BUTT #
  • Line 68: "Here ends jail." I bet the inmates wished that were the case, eh? #
  • It's been two days and eight hours since the launch, and so far I've found 35 related families in the 1940 Census. #
  • I don't even want to count how many EDs we had to search to find him. It was dozens of districts… hundreds of Census pages… #finally #
  • We just filed our 2011 taxes. It's the first time we have ever owed money. #miscalulationssuck #
  • Gilbert Mormon Temple – Under Construction #
  • Day before Easter, and I'm at the grocery store buying eggs. Boy am I stupid or what? #
  • My Sterling Silver rose is very happy with these 90 degree Spring days. #
  • Just finished watching To Kill A Mockingbird with @stampsgal. It was a good movie! #
  • Tonight I'm indexing 1940 Census entries from Kansas, Illinois and Oregon. #

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