My 1940 Census Search Results to Date
April 5th, 2012 by Jessica

As of this writing, the 1940 Census has been public for exactly 72 hours. So far, I am very pleased with what I’ve been able to find.

I did immense amounts of prep work over the past few months, locating exact addresses for family members and their siblings in city directories, World War II registration documents, marriage records, birth certificates and more.  All that hard work has really paid off!

Here are the families I have found since the launch:

Cole/Fitzgerald side:

May Fisher – my great-great-grandmother
Newton “Leroy” Cole – my great-great-grandparents
Lyal Newton Cole – my great-grandparents
George Maywood Fitzgerald – my great-great-grandparents
Vondall “Von” Euart Fitzgerald – my great-grandparents
Leslie Barkley
Milton Barkley
Richard Barkley
Valentine Rue Cole
Howard Glenn Cole
Joseph “Dock” Austin Jarrell
Earl Fisher
Mac “Vernon” Fitzgerald
“A C” Augustus Carlton Sheets

Dreffs/Stroik side:

Mary Karpuk – my grandmother
Walter Anthony Dreffs – my grandfather
Robert Nathaniel Kane – my step-father
Tony Norchyk
Joanna Mielke
Veronica Remyszewski
Andrew Dreffs
Francis Dreffs
Martin S Dreffs
Vincent J Dreffs
Paul Dreffs
Anthony Merkiel
Mary Merkiel
Josephine Juszkiewicz

Green/Fox side:

Fred Ozro Green – my husband’s great-grandparents
Robert “Bob” Green
Stephen Green
Wilma (Green) Wait
Virginia (Green) Stech
Betty (Green) Leversee

Fox side (my brother-in-law’s family):

Ray Gordon Fox
Ferdinand DeSoto Fox
Anna Elizabeth (Doty) Head

Zimmer side (my step-mother’s family):

Peter Joseph Zimmer

I’ll be posting some featured finds in the coming weeks to share the interesting facts on these census entries.  There are some crazy things going on behind the scenes of some of these facts that should be captured for future generations, such as children who were born already but not indexed, children who died days after the census, and even proof that some children never existed!  And that’s just scratching the surface.

I’ve also contributed to the indexing for Delaware and Kansas at – the first two state projects.  It’s easy to index, and it feels great to give back to the community!

Here are the entries I’m still searching for:

Joseph Dreffs
Andrew Dominik
Marion Forbes
Max Earl Green
Archie “Arch” Leland Bostic
John “Charles” Barkley
Helen Hayes
Ernest Otto Buchinger
Leopold “Leo” J. Fisher / Fizer
James Henry Head
Joseph M Karasiewicz
Ivan John Henry Pochyly
Maitland Robert Schaar

More to come soon!

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