Happy 78th Birthday, Grandma Cole!
April 1st, 2012 by Jessica

Fitzgerald Family, circa 1939 in Lake County, Indiana

Fitzgerald Family, circa 1939 in Lake County, Indiana

Today, I would like to wish a very Happy 78th Birthday to my dear grandmother, Florence Mae (Fitzgerald) Cole!

Tomorrow morning, the 1940 US Federal Census will be released.  I am so excited to be able to search for my grandmother in this census, who turned 6 years old the week the census takers visited her home.

When I asked my grandmother recently where she was living on her 6th birthday, she replied, “We were living a few miles from where I was born. I’m pretty sure it was still in Lake County.”

We should see her parents Vondall & Jennie Fitzgerald along with her siblings Kenny, Lenny, Dorothy, Donald, Lewis, Katherine, Richard and Robert.  Her younger siblings Delmar, David, Charles, Roy, Thomas and Bruce were not born yet as of April 1, 1940.

The picture here shows Florence’s grandmother May (Richards) Fisher standing in the back right with the dark dress, then her mother Jennie Mae (Fisher) Fitzgerald seated holding the baby.  The children along the front are believed to be Dorothy, Robert, Florence (in the checker pattern dress), Katherine and Richard.  I am not sure who the woman standing behind Jennie is in the white dress.  I think it might be Vondall’s mother, Emily (Jarrell) Fitzgerald.

Good luck to all of you beginning your search tomorrow in the 1940 Census!

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