Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25
March 25th, 2012 by Jessica

  • It's pouring rain with thunder and lightning in the middle of the day in Arizona. #weirdweather #
  • …and now it's HAILING. #wtf #
  • I'm getting my stitches out this afternoon. It has been 11 days since my surgery. I'll be glad to see them go. #
  • Just finishing indexing two simulation batches for the 1940 Census. Only 13 days to go before it's released! #
  • First my dermotologist took a chunk of my arm. Now my podiatrist took a chunk of my foot. I ought to stop telling doctors about my probs. #
  • I'm very glad tomorrow is payday. #
  • Ahhhh… The sweet tart trees are in bloom again. #arizonaspringtime #
  • I never thought I could be happy receiving a letter from the FBI. #genealogy #
  • Ever wonder what you've narrowly escaped in your lifetime? #
  • Hello, weekend! #
  • I have purchased my first starter set of Magic: The Gathering cards. I'm going to try and learn how to play the game. #
  • Weird new products are all over the grocery stores. Pepsi Next? Ruffles Beer Battered Onion Rings favored potato chips? #
  • I just received the marriage bond for William Jarrell and Susannah Parks from January 1, 1770. Thanks North Carolina State Archives! #

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