Can’t Wait for the 1940 Census? Get the Latest Facts and Figures About Texas Now!
March 24th, 2012 by Jessica

Latest Facts and Figures About Texas

Latest Facts and Figures About Texas

Many businesses and corporations around the country were eager to get their hands on the results of the 1940 Census. The data provided could help them with planning for how to proceed with business decisions like where their customers lived, how much money they earned and where a business could thrive.

On the other hand, some companies saw the Census information as a threat. Take a look at this advertisement for the Texas Almanac and State Industrial Guide, published in The Dallas Morning News in Dallas, Texas on April 1, 1940.

Latest Source of Facts and Figures About TEXAS

Every ten years a new Census is taken – and how Uncle Sam is busy with his 1940 nose-counting job… but it will be many months before the results will be made available.

Meanwhile, if you are in need of late authentic figures concerning Texas, you need not depend on guesswork.  Since 1857 the Texas Almanac has been recognized for its authoritative information about the state… and the 1939-1940 edition is the most complete of all issues.


and State Industrial Guide

– Texas’ greatest reference book, contains the latest population estimates (1938) of counties and cities; up-to-date information covering industry, commerce, agriculture, education, natural resources, government – in fact it answers practically all questions about the state.  It’s of incalculable value to anyone interested in Texas.

Price: 50¢ a Copy

(65¢ by mail, postpaid)

Get your copy now from your nearest bookstore, drugstore, newsstand… or order direct from the publisher –

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas, Texas

NOTE: There will be no newer edition of The Texas Almanac before 1941.

So, what do you think? Does the Texas Almanac answer practically all questions about the state? Does its value exceed that of the 1940 Census?

If your answer is no, then hop on over to and become a volunteer indexer today. We need your help to index this Census and all of its incalculable glorious value!

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