Nicknames – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History
March 20th, 2012 by Jessica

Week 33: Nicknames. What was your childhood nickname, and what was the meaning behind it? You can also discuss the nicknames of other family members, both past and present.

Very early on, my DaD gave me the nickname Punky.  I used to dress up like Punky Brewster with my hair in pig tails and try to emulate what I saw her do on television.  Apparently even earlier than that, I was called Pooky for a while after Garfield’s teddy bear.  I don’t remember that.

My best known nickname is The Black Rose.  It was my handle on a bulletin board system (BBS) in the early 90’s called The Portal.  I was given the nickname by the boys on the board.  I went from boy to boy to boy, apparently leaving heartache in my tracks.  I was quite unaware of the impact I had on all those boys, but looking back now I can tell you I was the biggest flirt in the world.  I loved flirting with the boys, and it didn’t matter to me which one I was flirting with at the time.  My autobiography is suitably titled, “Memoirs of a Black Rose.”

DaD has called me Jess for as long as I can remember.  It’s not a nickname I chose, but he’s my DaD so he gets to call me whatever he wants.  Very few people have the privilege of getting away with calling me Jess.  My name is Jessica!

My sister went by Kathy for many years but in high school decided her name was Kathleen and it was not acceptable to call her Kathy anymore.  I’m not sure why she made that decision but once she did, she got fiercely angry if you called her Kathy.  She used to run around the house yelling “JESS-IHHH-CAAAAH” to me and I would try to reciprocate by taunting in response “KATH-AAAHHH-LEEN” and she would yell, “There’s no A in my name!”

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