Florida 2012 Journal – The Missing Towncar & Our Flight to Phoenix
March 1st, 2012 by Jessica

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Missing Towncar & Our Flight to Phoenix

We woke up at 7:30am and thankfully had completed all of our packing the night before.  Breakfast this morning was at Roaring Forks, which surprisingly was better than Whispering Canyon and would have cost half as much.  We were still trying to use up our dining points.  Unfortunately there was no place to sit, so we had to bring our breakfast back up to the room.  We figured we should probably use the formal dining table one more time, because it might just be the last formal dining table we ever have in a hotel room.

We decided to leave a modest tip for the Housekeeping staff, even though they really didn’t do much throughout our trip.  We had a grand total of four towel animals during our nine day stay.  two of them were in the room when we arrived, so I don’t really count those.

Downstairs with our luggage all in tow ourselves, we made our way to the curb at 8:55am to await our Towncar which was supposed to be there at 9:00am to take us to the airport.  While Universal Studios had made arrangements for the ride from the airport to Royal Pacific and the ride from Royal Pacific to the Wilderness Lodge, Disney concierge had made our arrangements to the airport.  That should have been a red flag by this point.

We approached a bell desk attendant and told them we had a Towncar coming.  She said she didn’t have any knowledge of a Towncar.  I gave her our reservation number and told her it was booked through the Wilderness Lodge Itinerary Planning office.  She went off to ask some questions and came back to say we should wait a few more minutes for the Towncar to arrive.  By about 9:10am, I was getting really frustrated.  We had been standing on the curb with all of our luggage for 15 minutes.  I think the Bell desk attendant could tell because she offered to call the reservation company to confirm the ride.  She came back ten minute later to say that the company they usually book through had no record of our reservation.  The Wilderness Lodge concierge manager stepped in at that point and gave us a taxi voucher, advising us that gratuity was not included.

Taxi Voucher to the Airport

Taxi Voucher to the Airport

Within a minute, a taxi had pulled up to take us to the airport.  By this time we were running 25 minutes late and I was pretty upset.  The taxi driver was awful.  He was reckless and barely spoke any English.  He spent the ride talking on his cell phone and typing on his center console while driving, swerving around cars on the freeway going 75 in a 60 mph zone and making us suffer through awful French music the entire trip.  I had a few TIPS for him by the end of that journey, but Andrew forced me to give him $10 cash instead.  Boy was I pissed!

Our flight to Atlanta left at 11:30am without a hitch and took an hour.  We then had to wait through a 3 hour and 40 minute layover in Atlanta which we spent eating lunch and walking around the terminal.  Andrew surfed the web on the Xoom for a while.  Our flight to Phoenix also went off without a hitch and departed at 4:30pm, just about the same time Superbowl XLVI kicked off featuring the Giants vs. Patriots.  We were given game updates throughout the flight by our captain.

Thankfully, we landed a half an hour early in Phoenix.  There was a very obnoxiously loud drunk guy at the back of the airplane who would not shut up towards the end of the flight, and I had reached my capacity for tolerance by that point.  Our luggage arrived without any issues, and Andrew’s Mom and Dad came to pick us up and dropped us off at home (we’re so lucky to have them!).

We were happy to finally be back home.  We spent the evening eating Hungry Howie’s pizza and snuggling with the kitties, who had clearly missed our presence.  We missed them too.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Recovering & PhotoPass Problems

PhotoPass Portrait

PhotoPass Portrait

Andrew brought me a red rose for breakfast from the store when he went to get us milk.  Our tradition is to get a rose each Anniversary but we couldn’t get one at Disney.  We spent the day doing laundry, sorting photos and unpacking from the trip.

I reviewed our PhotoPass content online and found 110 photos from a different family.  After deleting them from the account, I tried to order our PhotoPass CD with the promo code that came with our Platinum Plan but of course, it didn’t work.  I had to call the help line to get a different promo code.  At least the woman who answered was able to look up the code for the Platinum Plan and give it to me without much trouble.    I mentioned to her the 110 photos on our account that were of a different family, and she confirmed that the company was frequently sending out duplicate PhotoPass card codes to people who purchase various Disney vacation plans.  Nice.

Our trip was filled with amazing adventures and pieces of hassle and frustration.  It was a lot of ups and downs, and that’s not even counting all the rides we went on.  We’re so glad we went, but we’re thinking perhaps Hawaii would be a nice destination for our 20th anniversary.

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