Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26
February 26th, 2012 by Jessica

  • I'm writing full recaps from our Florida trip. It takes more than an hour to write each day. I hope someone reads them someday! #
  • Happy Presidents Day! I'm keeping busy still writing recaps of our Florida trip. It's incredibly time consuming. Andrew is playing Halo. #
  • I finished the recaps! Hooray! #
  • Not having a credit card has really put the brakes on my spending. Bills and shopping will have to wait until the new card arrives. #
  • The bathrooms at work now smell like fruit cocktail. I guess it's better than the fake cinnamon scent they used to use. #
  • "I like blue in my purple, but not green in my blue." – Jessica describes her color shade preferences… #
  • Tonight we're having a Cheese Party. Just for fun! #
  • I turned comments back on for my blog. Hopefully my spam blocker will do a good job once again! #
  • I got chiiiiiiips from SUPER ARGET! #
  • I'm going to my first meetup with a board games group tonight. They are bringing seven games I've never played before. #nervous #
  • We took Cheetoe into the vet for excessive grooming. She found an infected bite courtesy of Tumbles on the left side of his back. #ouch #
  • Lunch @ bld in Chandler. Nice little surprise upscale cafe on what used to be a dirt lot not too long ago. Good food, slow service. #
  • Poor Cheetoe! They had to shave a huge patch off his side to drain the infection. 🙁 #

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