Pets – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History
November 29th, 2011 by Jessica

Week #17 – Pets – Did you have any pets as a child? If so, what types and what were their names. Do you have pets now? Describe them as well. If you did not have pets, you can discuss those of neighbors or other family members.

Jessica holds Bambi the Chihauhau

Jessica holds Bambi the Chihuahua

Kathleen with her kitten Patches

Kathleen with her kitten Patches

Before I was born, Kathleen had a kitten named Patches.  She said that it only took about a week to realize that she was highly allergic to kittens, so that was the beginning and end of kittens for the Cole household.

Bambi was our Chihuahua.  His tongue was too long for his mouth.  I believe the story goes that he showed up on our back porch one day and my sister Kathleen fell in love with him.  He never left, so we took him in.  Bambi was a sweet little dog.  I don’t remember him too well because I was very young when we had him.  I know he had arthritis in his back legs, and eventually we had to put him down when he got too sick to walk.

Kathleen holds Bambi and sits with Sheila

Kathleen holds Bambi and sits with Sheila

Sheila was our Sheep Dog.  She was Mom’s dog.  I used to ride Sheila around the back yard like a pony!  She was large and clumsy and incredibly protective of our family.  She was black and white and her hair grew so fast it was crazy.  My Mom used to shave her in the back yard with a pair of clippers.  Mom took Sheila through Puppy Training but I swear it never did any good.  She would drag me up and down the street on her leash and generally misbehave all the time.  Getting her to slow down or sit down was nearly impossible.

I had some hamsters during my childhood but I don’t remember much about them.  I know I used to carry them around in my hands throughout the house and enrage my mother by leaving them on coffee tables, counter tops, or running loose in the living room.  One of them got placed on the hamper in the bathroom, promptly nose dived off the top and I stepped on him.  He died a few hours later, much to the dismay of my sister and our babysitter, our cousin Ruth, who cared for him as he was dying.  That was the end of my hamster ownership until college.

After I finished college, I adopted a kitten named Olly from the local pet store in Burlington, Massachusetts.  He was a white long haired Turkish Angora.  I named him after Olly from Sifl & Olly, a sock puppet show on MTV by creator Liam Lynch.  You can see dozens of posts about Olly on my blog with a simple search for his name.  I also recapped the story of his arrival in a blog entry called Excerpt from Chapter 23.  Olly recently left our family for a better place.  He was born Jun 20, 1999 and passed away on October 13, 2011.

Our current kitties are Cheetoe, Tumbleweed and Lucky.  There’s a lovely entry that describes each of them in full detail that can be found here.

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