Treasure Chest Thursday – The Forever Earring
October 6th, 2011 by Jessica

In an effort to document my family treasures which cannot be scanned in, I am publishing this series of pictures as part of the Treasure Chest Thursday theme at Geneabloggers.  Someday in the future, I hope to shed some light on these treasures for my family who might inherit them.  What were they for?  Who did they come from? Why were they considered treasures?  Let’s find out.

The Forever Earring

The Forever Earring

This week, we will take a look at the Forever earring.  This earring, owned by me, was part of a pair of earrings.  The left half says “BEST FRIENDS” and is owned by my fifth grade best friend, Jennifer (Strachan) Peck.  We bought these earrings in Junior High School, no doubt at the Saginaw Fashion Square Mall, sometime in the late 1980’s.

This trend of splitting up a pair and giving it to your BFF was very trendy when we were in Junior High.  I wonder if Jennie still has the other half?

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  • Wendy writes:
    October 13th, 20116:48 amat

    What a cute treasure. I’ve seen lots of BFF necklaces but not earrings. I wonder what your great-great-great-great grandchildren will think when they find this earring in a box of junk, er treasures.

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