Update on Weight Watchers
September 20th, 2011 by Jessica

My progress from my 33rd birthday to my 34th birthday

My progress from my 33rd birthday to my 34th birthday

I started Weight Watchers one year ago today on September 20, 2010 with no idea what to expect.  The results have been nothing short of a miracle.

My entire life has been changed for the better.

Before I started, I could barely put on my shoes.  My knees hurt, my back hurt, and it was difficult to sleep.  I was sweating nonstop, even at rest.  I couldn’t bend over to pet the kitties.  I was on all kinds of medication for blood pressure and other health issues.

I forced myself to eat healthy and follow the plan, and the weight started falling off.  Slowly, I got in the routine of walking 5 minutes per day, and then 10 minutes, and then 15 minutes.  When I began my elliptical machine routine, I could only do 4 minutes before I was gasping for air.  I was so proud the day I actually made it 10,000 steps on my pedometer!

Today, I can jog for 15 minutes.  I can walk for an hour without breaking much of a sweat.  I can even do 45 minutes on the elliptical machine following one of the workout routines.

It took a long time to get where I am now, but here I am.

Two months into the program, I was already down 22 pounds.  I lost my first 30 pounds within 3 months on Weight Watchers.  It practically melted off.  By five months, I had lost 43 pounds.  It took me the next month to lose another 7 pounds, as it became a little more challenging.  Then, I hit ONE-derland on May 29th!  My first 50 pounds were gone!

My doctor’s pride was evident as she followed along with me through my journey, watching me every step of the way.  Eventually, she was able to slowly take me off of all my medications because my health improved so dramatically.

On our wedding day in 2002
On our wedding day in 2002

As summer 2011 began, I purposely took a break from the plan to make sure I could maintain the weight loss.  I weighed 200 pounds at the beginning of the summer, and by the end I weighed 198.  I call that successful maintenance, for sure!  I wanted to give myself a little break so I wouldn’t give up the program.  I have learned what my limits are in terms of portions and I know what I can eat to maintain a healthy weight, without strictly tracking points every day.

Now I’m back on the plan and actively working toward my next goal: 175 by February 1.  I am so excited!  For our 10th wedding anniversary on February 2, 2012 I will weigh less than I did when we got married (200 lbs)!  I’m shooting for 175 because I haven’t been that “skinny” since my sophomore year in college back in 1997 when I met Andrew.

It’s going to be great to celebrate our 10th anniversary healthier and more vibrant than when we met 15 years prior!

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