When Random Means Random
August 6th, 2011 by Jessica

I titled this blog Random Mews because I had no idea what I was planning to post on it.  Seven years have passed since it began, and as I have grown and changed hobbies the content has changed along with me.  It’s a fascinating personal log of historical significance that I am proud to have kept up over the years.  Trends have come and gone; technology has altered our lives dramatically during this time period.  I haven’t always kept up with the journal entries.  With the introduction of Twitter, my blog is now automatically updated with tiny tidbits of my daily life on a weekly basis. I would love to do the same thing with my Facebook and Google+ posts, too.

I love the idea of capturing our current daily lives for future generations.  I am so glad that the Library of Congress is preserving our Twitter posts.  Today, we use the US Census records to see what our ancestors were up to.  Can you imagine 70 years from now, being able to read your great-grandmothers Twitter posts and see all the crap she posted during high school on Facebook?  It’s like a yearbook on steroids, but with (hopefully) a lot more context.  I’m hoping at some point in the year 2081, somebody reads this blog and gets a few kicks out of it.

In the spirit of historical preservation, I’ve been occasionally posting excerpts from my Autobiography just for fun.  Many posts are simply pictures I have taken that I feel like sharing.  This blog is like a smorgasbord of whatever I feel like publishing at the time, which is a big part of what I love about it.

Right now, I feel like sharing some of my genealogical items of interest.  I’ve recently returned from a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana where I visited the Allen County Public Library with my dear friend Sarah.  After our research trip, she sent me an RSS bundle with feeds to several Genealogy blogs that I have been reading with much interest.  It has inspired me to post and kick up some dirt to get the squeaky old blog gears churning again.

One important thing to note about this blog is that many of my posts are scheduled in WordPress.  That means I often take a day or two and post 6-12 months worth of content in one day, and slowly allow them to auto-post over time.  I do this for two main reasons.  First, I don’t have a lot of time to spend posting on the blog and organizing content.  When I get on a roll, I tend to generate a whole lot of content at once.  Secondly, seeing the posts go up over time offers continued motivation for me personally to continue pursuing some of my favorite hobbies such as photography and genealogy.  A few months from now I will have forgotten what I posted.  When I see it published, I get to read it with the rest of the world as if it were news to me too.

I hope you continue to enjoy my Random Mews.  I know I do!

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