Remembering Alaska
June 15th, 2011 by Jessica

Three years ago today, we took a trip to Alaska on a cruise with my sister and her family.  Near the end of the cruise, our ship approached Hubbard Glacier in what had to be the most perfect conditions known to the photography world.  I could not even take a bad picture of the glacier.  From the state room balcony with a tripod and a 300mm lens, I captured dozens and dozens of fantastic images of the ice and water as our cruise ship continuously did 360 degree circles in the bay.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite because so many of them are postcard quality.  I chose this one below to showcase because of the beautiful rich blue colors and the big splash from the glacier calving.  If you’ve never heard a glacier calving, it sounds like thunder followed by the rush of a waterfall.  It’s an amazing display of nature.

You can see more pictures of our cruise to Alaska on Flickr.

Hubbard Glacier Calving

Hubbard Glacier Calving

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