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May 29th, 2011 by Jessica

WW: You lost 50 lbs!

WW: You lost 50 lbs!

I’m telling you, Weight Watchers really does work.

I can’t BELIEVE the scale today showed 199!  That’s a total of 51 pounds lost, and 49 to go.  I started on September 20, 2010.  Just 8 months and 9 days later, I’m halfway to my goal weight of 150.  My measurements have changed dramatically.  I’ve dropped from 47-45-56 to 42-38-49, losing 5″ off my bust, 7″ off my waist and 7″ off my hips.  I could barely walk around the block when I started, and now I can JOG around the block with little effort.  I routinely walk up 4 flights of stairs at work, several times per day.  I replaced a majority of my liquids with water, although occasionally I sneak in a Diet Coke or a little bit of orange juice.

I can’t begin to describe the life changes that went into this journey already.  Suffice it to say that everything has changed.  My entire life routine including 100% of my eating habits and 100% of my activity levels are different from when I started.  We’re talking total transformation here.

I feel absolutely INCREDIBLE!  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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