Ty Beanie Baby Collection
February 18th, 2011 by Jessica

Ty Bonnet the Bear, my favorite newest addition

Ty Bonnet the Bear, my favorite newest addition

My Ty Beanie Baby collection is still growing.  You can find images of all 461 unique Ty Beanies in my Flickr pool.

More than 95% of my collection consists solely of “New Face” teddy bears.  There are still over 170 bears on my wish list that might be attainable.  My wish list does not include the impossibly expensive ones that I will likely never get, like the autographed Billionaire bears.

Of course, if Beanies aren’t really your thing, you can always browse Andrew’s collection of Transformers images on his Flickr pool.

Use caution however; his robots are sometimes in disguise.  Don’t let them fool you!  They take up at least five times more space in the attic than my Beanie collection does.

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