10 Year Flashback: Piles of Puffkins
January 27th, 2011 by Jessica

In a Pile of Puffkins - January 27, 2001

In a Pile of Puffkins - January 27, 2001

Exactly ten years ago today, I had a massive collection of Puffkins.  They were kind of like Ty Beanie wannabes, and I loved them.  These little stuffed animals were small and round and filled me full of joy!  It all started when I found a display at a local Hallmark store of little bears in every color of the rainbow.  I picked one up, and Andrew thought it would be funny to start handing me one of every color.  I loved how bright and cute they were, so I ended up buying all of them.  It just blew up from there into a massive collection of more than 100 Puffkins.  Eventually I sold them on eBay when I no longer had room to keep them all in the house.

My favorite Puffkin was called Mystic the Wizard.  He was very rare and hard to find, and sported a “2000” wizard’s hat in blue and yellow to celebrate the new millennium.  If you look closely in the picture you can see four of them near the lower right corner.

The Puffkin line was retired in 2002.  I still have some of them which are Holiday related with the decoration bins, and they come out and join us for Halloween and Christmas.

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