Excerpt from Memoirs: Chapter 23
December 7th, 2010 by Jessica

Here is an excerpt from my autobiography, “Memoirs of a Black Rose.”  This is from chapter 23 about how I ended up with my first kitten while living in Massachusetts.  The photo is so terrible because it was taken with an early black and white Quickcam attached to my computer.

Olly as a kitten

Olly as a kitten

For my 22nd birthday I decided I was getting a bit lonely in the apartment by myself.  I was at the mall one day looking around and stumbled upon a pet store.  Sitting in a small cage with four brothers and sisters was a pure white kitten with long white fur and green eyes.  All of his siblings were asleep in a pile and he was awake, sitting there, looking at me.  I asked the staff if I could hold him.  They brought him in a little room for me and he curled up on my lap and started purring.  It was sort of like he “claimed” me.  All of his siblings were colored in some way, with pieces of grey or black.  He was the only one that was solid white.

I told the lady I’d take him.  She looked a little shocked, and asked if I should talk it over with my family first.  I explained that I was living alone and I knew my apartment accepted cats.  She called to verify that I wasn’t lying about the apartment, and agreed to sell me the kitten.  I had never owned a cat before and not really any pets except for hamsters.  She gave me some information packets and some general guidelines for how to care for a kitten.  She took my $100 check, and handed over the kitten in a cardboard box.

I took my new kitten home and let him out of the box.  He was playful and very soft.  I gave him some kitten food and water, and set up a litterbox in the bathroom.  After a few hours of playing, he took a nap.  I got onto the computer and was occupying my time when I noticed he had gotten up from his nap and was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, staring at me.  I looked at him, he looked at me back.  It was sort of like, “Ok, now what?”  I dunno!  I bought a kitten, and there he was.  I decided to name him Olly because he reminded me of a sock puppet on an MTV show called Sifl and Olly.

Olly and I bonded very strongly over the next few months.  He just loved me unconditionally.  He attached himself to me and followed me around the house, purring and bumping heads with me.  It took a while to train him to stay off the counter tops (which he never did obey, at least when I wasn’t looking).  I finally had a stable “man” in my life.

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