Cookin’ for the Kitties
November 28th, 2010 by Jessica

My kitchen skills are improving slowly.  I’m no longer afraid to cook chicken or pork, and create meals for my husband and I to eat.  I decided to take this new-found skill and make a gourmet meal for our four cats.  Yesterday, I picked up a recipe book for our kitties and went shopping this morning for ingredients.

The stuff in this “gourmet” cat food is not something I ever would have touched before: chicken livers, ground beef, bonemeal, corn oil and iodized salt for starters.  I actually cooked chicken livers.  That means I had to touch them.  Bleh!

Our four cats showed their appreciation by way of sticking their noses to the sky and walking away from their gourmet food bowls, tails in the air.  I was so proud of this fresh home-cooked kitty dinner, but they did eat a single morsel of it.

Oh well.  At least I conquered my kitchen fears and successfully cooked liver and ground beef!  At least, I think I was successful.  Maybe there’s a reason they refused to eat it…  I’ll never know…

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