10,000 Steps
September 26th, 2010 by Jessica

I reached 10,000 steps!

I reached 10,000 steps!

On September 20th, I joined Weight Watchers Online in hopes to help me track and control my calorie intake and my daily activity level.  It feeds off my obsessive planning and helps me to keep track of and organize all of the foods and meals I eat.  So far I find it fascinating and really easy to follow.  I’ve been eating scrambled eggs in the mornings which have enough protein to keep me going until lunch.  A Goodcents Penny Club for lunch and some fruit keeps me going until dinner.  We’ve been rotating through chicken breast or pork for dinner with various sauces.

In addition to reducing my food intake, I’ve been increasing my activity rates.  I made it my goal to reach 10,000 steps and did so by slowly increasing steps about 1,000 per day until I made it.  On September 21st after about a week of slow increases, I finally made it!  I subsequently did 3 days in a row over 10,000 steps, then scaled back to about 7,500 for a few days.  Tomorrow I’m going to aim to hit 10,000 again.  I understand that is equivalent to about 5 miles.

On my first week of Weight Watchers I have lost 6 pounds, according to my Wii Fit balance board.  Some of that is no doubt because I first measured at night and followed up in the morning, but I am very impressed.  My doctor tells me I can’t get discouraged if I don’t lose any weight so I won’t.  But it’s sure nice to see a jump start to get this life change moving.

I’d like to thank my sister for sending me the pedometer.  You’re awesome!!

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