Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29
August 29th, 2010 by Jessica

  • I planned for two baking projects today, but now that it’s today, I don’t feel like baking. 🙁 #
  • Banana Hazelnut Won Tons = Yum! #
  • First day of class never gets any more fun as the years go by. In fact, I think it actually gets less fun. #
  • We have an excessive heat warning combined with a severe thunderstorm warning, and the wind is blowing furniture around our patio. #
  • We got 3 very different quotes for a new A/C system. Picked one company, just waiting to finalize. Hope we made the right choice! #
  • I’m so glad it’s Friday. No plans this weekend either. Just one more day in the office, then it’s time to relax and sleep in! #
  • It is impossible to fill out all of the required travel request forms. It’s like an infinite loop of paperwork frustration. #
  • Have you seen the Geico pig commercial? WHEEEE! WHE WH WH WHEEEEEEE! WHEEEEEEEEEE! I almost died laughing. It’s fall-off-the-couch funny. #
  • According to everything we have researched, we should be claiming 5 tax exemptions instead of 1. It’s no wonder I always feel broke! #
  • FYI: I set up my WordPress blog at to update Twitter whenever I publish a new post on my website. #
  • We’re officially on contract to get a new HVAC system on September 7th. I sure hope our A/C problems will actually get fixed. #

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