Scary Elvis at Yvonne’s Cafe
August 28th, 2010 by Jessica

Scary Elvis at Yvonne's Cafe

Scary Elvis at Yvonne's Cafe

One of my favorite lunch diners in Arizona is called Yvonne’s Cafe in Tempe.  They have a fantastic atmosphere with tons of Coke memorabilia, nice comfy tables and booths and a great wait staff. Whether you want the blue plate special or the grilled cheese and fries, it seems that it is always served fast and hot with a smile.

Their small restrooms have one stall each, with the men’s being decked out in Marilyn Monroe paraphernelia (according to my husband, of course) and the women’s with Elvis Presley pieces.  There’s even a picture of Elvis hanging inside the bathroom stall of his entry into the Army, standing in a line of average men in his tightie whities and raising his arms in the air for a physical.  It’s kind of disturbing.

Every time I walk into the women’s restroom, I jump at the sight of the Elvis cardboard cutout behind the door.  Every single time.  I know he’s there, but it’s placed in such a way that you truly think you’re opening the door into someone.  The space is small and he’s so big, and his expression is perfect for the spot.  He gets me every time!

I call him, “Scary Elvis.”  He always scares me more than I scare him!

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