Banana Hazelnut Won Tons
August 22nd, 2010 by Jessica

Banana Hazelnut Won Tons

Banana Hazelnut Won Tons

Andrew I tried a recipe from the Costco Fall cookbook issued a few years back: Banana Hazelnut Won Tons that are fried in canola oil and dusted with powdered sugar.

Neither of us have really tried our hands at frying in the kitchen.  We don’t like greasy foods and I, for one, am scared of splatters of molten liquids.  The recipe was a lot easier to follow than we expected, and once we got an assembly line going we had several little yummies to try.

Just take a won ton square, brush two sides with egg wash, place a piece of banana and about a teaspoon of Nutella inside.  Fold it into a triangle and fry in 350 degrees for 45 seconds per side.  Let them drain, cover in powdered sugar and enjoy!  Quite a tasty little treat, I must say.

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