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August 19th, 2010 by Jessica

Here’s a quick update for those of you who actually read the blog now and then!  If you swing by, shout out to me in the comments section so I know you were here.

I’ve been talking with my friend Suzy a lot who has an awesome blog of her own.  Suzy and I have recently started getting together for beading days which are tons of fun.  She is a whiz with a needle and thread, and sews beautiful clothing and jewelry.  (She tried to teach me, bless her heart – but I am hopelessly lacking confidence with thread.)  She posts all the time about her sewing projects and her kitties and the fun things she does.  A true dedicated blogger, Suzy knows the importance of posting!  I wish I had the discipline she does to share life’s little moments as often as she does.

Since January 2010 I have been slowly writing my Autobiography.  So far I’m up to about 2004, with tidbits from then until now.  It’s very difficult now that I’ve reached the point of the blog, ironically!  I have information online here on my blog, plus journals at home, tens of thousands of (organized) photos, calendar entries, Facebook and Twitter.  Trying to compile all of those sources into one chronologically correct, interesting story has proven to be a great challenge.  I’ll get through it eventually, but it will certainly take some more time.  At least I’m finished with my first 27 of 32 years!

Here’s a short excerpt from my first chapter describing the house I grew up in (1977-1978):

Our house was on a dead end, and we had tons of people come down and turn around in our driveway.  We faced a wooded area covered in plants to the south in front of our home.  To the west was a dirt access road following a deep ditch, along with field crops and lines of large trees.  On the side of our home was a very long driveway leading to a detached 2-car garage which my dad built around 1974 with the help of his friends.  Our back yard was very large and fenced in.  We had a pen behind the garage for storage and to keep the dog, Sheila the old English Sheep dog, locked up if needed.  Behind the back fence was a large garden area my Mother used to grow summer vegetables like Rhubarb.  Behind that was more wooded area with huge trees.  Our neighbors to the east were a family called the Shiedlers, and their kids Heather and Ty were Kathleen’s age.  Kathleen hung out with Heather for years.  I had a crush on Ty for a long time.  He used to sit on the back deck with his boombox and blast cassette tapes of Twisted Sister and Mötley Crüe in the early 1980’s.

In other news, we are getting a brand new refrigerator on Saturday morning.  It’s an LG french door bottom freezer model with 28 cu ft capacity.  It’s replacing our old GE Profile Arctica side-by-side with 25 cu ft which we installed when we bought our new home 9 years ago.  Let’s hope the new one works better for at least a few years.

That’s it for now.  Oh yeah, except that I’ve already started shopping for Christmas and have already finished my Christmas cards for this year.  (I’m desperately trying to stay way ahead of schedule!)  One more day of work and then it’s the weekend!

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