Tweets – December 2009
December 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • An article on what happens to all those Times Square Balls – about 9 hours ago from web
  • Brookside Chocolate Company in Flagstaff – YUMMY!!! about 24 hours ago from mobile web
  • Stopped at a chocolate shop in Flagstaff and got a chocolate covered S’more. It’s like eating heaven!! On our way home now. about 24 hours ago from mobile web
  • Breakfast was at the Red Bird Cafe. Excellent food, good prices, huge portions. Heading to Flagstaff next! 10:43 AM Dec 30th from mobile web
  • Avatar is good if you can stomach the intense constant violence. I’ll stick to romantic comedies, thanks. 12:15 PM Dec 29th from mobile web
  • Sitting in the theater waiting for Avatar to start. I wonder if it will live up to the hype? 9:04 AM Dec 29th from mobile web
  • I don’t go back to work until January 4th. What on earth will I do with all this time? 8:53 PM Dec 26th from web
  • Merry Christmas! 6:43 AM Dec 25th from web
  • Have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 9:30am. 🙁 3:31 PM Dec 21st from web
  • I think this the first time I’ve had a cold this year. Damn! I almost made it. 7:29 PM Dec 18th from mobile web
  • Ugh, these allergies are killing me today! 10:19 AM Dec 17th from web
  • “If I had more time, I’d bat you around like a cat toy.” – Veronica Palmer on Better Off Ted 11:56 AM Dec 16th from web
  • Out nighttime low in Phoenix is 40, while the daytime high in Saginaw is just 30. Brrr! 10:51 PM Dec 15th from mobile web
  • Boy, I really really really don’t feel well. 10:42 PM Dec 15th from mobile web
  • We saw some really neat light displays tonight. It was good to see so much Christmas cheer! 9:00 PM Dec 15th, 2009 from mobile web
  • Christmas light displays are SO much easier to find with a GPS… 6:39 PM Dec 15th, 2009 from mobile web
  • Going to drive around to see Christmas lights tonight. Should be fun! Several displays are broadcasting over frequencies this year. 3:35 PM Dec 15th, 2009 from web
  • I just realized I’ve paid more in federal taxes this year than it cost me to get my Master’s degree. That’s sad. Or good? I’m undecided. 12:43 PM Dec 14th, 2009 from web
  • Pics from the Santa Claus Express Train: 9:52 AM Dec 13th, 2009 from web
  • That’s an average of 18 pictures per day over the course of owning that camera… 8:03 AM Dec 13th, 2009 from web
  • It’s official! I rolled my Canon XSi over 10,000 images on the train ride, starting over at IMG_0001. I’ve only had it for 19 months! 8:01 AM Dec 13th, 2009 from web
  • The Verde Canyon Caboose was fantastic! Got tons of pics. Waiting for dinner at Blazin’ M Ranch. 6:17 PM Dec 12th, 2009 from mobile web
  • Taking Mom to her surprise Christmas gift: A trip on the Santa Claus Express train caboose! 6:30 AM Dec 12th, 2009 from web
  • Attending CGCC’s Student Dance Showcase. Interpretive hip-hop/rap meets End-of-Center-Stage! Cool stuff. 8:57 PM Dec 11th, 2009 from mobile web
  • Free Christmas Songs on iTunes! 5:30 PM Dec 11th, 2009 from web
  • Looking forward to the train ride tomorrow! Haircut looks pretty good too. TGIF! 10:27 AM Dec 11th, 2009 from mobile web
  • Sitting at Dolce Salon waiting for a haircut. Going SHORT if they’ll let me! 4:19 PM Dec 10th, 2009 from mobile web
  • Went to an art sale at PCC today for lunch. Not much of a selection; I left empty handed. Looking forward to dinner at SCC tonight! 1:14 PM Dec 9th, 2009 from web
  • FloatingCat – This past Sunday I saw a woman wearing a leopard printed Snuggie backwards like a coat/cape in public. She actually tripped on it. 2:44 PM Dec 8th from Tweetie Retweeted by you
  • Supposed to work on Christmas crafts tonight. Hopefully I don’t get called to work again or caught in another random diversion! 2:12 PM Dec 8th from web
  • Ten straight hours of holiday baking. 60-70 hand painted chocolate lollipops and chocolate covered oreos. Each individually wrapped… 9:29 PM Dec 6th from web
  • Check out this cool paper wreath tutorial: 10:17 PM Dec 5th from web
  • Printing out Q&A for Holiday Jeopardy on Dec 24th. Hope the staff enjoys the game! Should be lots of fun – we’re inviting everyone! 10:02 PM Dec 5th from web
  • Matt’s isn’t great. OK food, not flavorful; we were rushed in and out. Wouldn’t go back. 11:13 AM Dec 5th from mobile web
  • Sitting in line in downtown Phoenix for Matt’s Big Breakfast. I hope it’s worth the wait! 9:55 AM Dec 5th from mobile web
  • Went to Holiday Pops last night at the Phoenix Symphony. Quite a beautiful show! 9:54 AM Dec 5th from mobile web
  • Still not running on all cylinders, but I’m going to work anyway. I wish these allergies would settle down! 5:51 AM Dec 4th from web
  • This made me laugh so hard, my head now hurts. 8:08 AM Dec 3rd from web
  • WTF Amazon?! So much for keeping secrets in my wish list. I don’t like to ruin my Christmas surprises, you morons! 2:28 PM Dec 1st from web
  • Got to take the car into the shop for new struts this morning. 6:32 AM Dec 1st from web
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