Tweets – November 2009
November 30th, 2009 by Jessica

  • Went out this morning and got a price match for a gift I bought before. Bonus $50 that I wasn’t expecting! Best Black Friday ever! =) 6:55 AM Nov 27th from web
  • Cut out my first Hello Kitty on the Cricut. She’s super cute! 11:09 PM Nov 26th from web
  • Scored 6 new Cricut cartridges at Michael’s! Woot! 7:06 PM Nov 26th from web
  • Had fun at the auto show! Now it’s off to Michael’s for 60% off Cricut cartridges! 3:36 PM Nov 26th from web
  • Happy Thanksgiving!! 7:44 AM Nov 26th from web
  • I’m doomed to a life of never seeing AC/DC in concert. 11:12 AM Nov 25th from web
  • Stock up on Snuggies at Kohl’s! Only $12.99 Earlybird Special, Friday at 4AM! LOL 10:31 AM Nov 25th from Google Wave (Tweety)
  • Thank goodness it’s finally Wednesday! I’m looking forward to 4 days off. 5:54 AM Nov 25th from web
  • Finished wrapping and custom tagging about 35 Christmas gifts for the family. Now we just need shipping boxes, and off they go on Wednesday! 10:17 PM Nov 23rd from web
  • Lunchtime! Oh, where should we go today? Maybe Islands? 11:01 AM Nov 23rd from Google Wave (Tweety)
  • Tweeting from Google Wave… Or at least, trying to! 9:00 AM Nov 23rd from Google Wave (Tweety)
  • Had a fantastic day making holiday cards with Sonya and Amy! 1:53 AM Nov 23rd from mobile web
  • Backing up my files to an external hard drive. Been about a year – and my computer usually crashes around New Years Eve! 6:35 AM Nov 21st from web
  • Woke up to watch Olly get sick. Tumbles and Lucky go to the vet this morning, then it’s off to Wrigley Mansion for lunch. 5:35 AM Nov 21st from web
  • Ok, why does the hubby buy stuff from his Amazon wish list and then ask me if I bought it for him already? DEFEATING THE PURPOSE! 9:43 PM Nov 20th from web
  • Saw New Moon. I was actually kind of bored with all the romance. Felt that way when I read the book; was hoping the movie would be better! 9:42 PM Nov 20th from web
  • Only 5 more minutes until we get to watch 25 minutes of previews.. Then, NEW MOON! 4:54 PM Nov 20th from mobile web
  • Swapped our tickets for the 5pm showing of New Moon. Waiting in line now! 4:08 PM Nov 20th from mobile web
  • When I asked my Dad how my 6-year old brother liked his birthday gift, the response was he has so many gifts he hadn’t opened it yet. 2:41 PM Nov 20th from web
  • Seeing New Moon tonight at 6pm. Gotta make it through the day first… 6:04 AM Nov 20th from web
  • <sarcasm> Time for another fun-filled day. Yay! </sarcasm> 6:06 AM Nov 19th from web
  • So now I know what everyone’s talking about with the new retweet beta. What’s the point?? 2:36 PM Nov 18th from web
  • Why do some restaurants refuse to sell you certain meals unless you are under 12 or over 65? So stupid. 12:05 PM Nov 18th from mobile web
  • Picked up New Moon tickets last night for Friday evening. Not looking forward to the lines! 5:46 AM Nov 18th from web
  • Incredible Sesame Street lollipops: 8:51 PM Nov 15th from web
  • Just picked up New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. Can’t wait to play with my honey! 8:18 AM Nov 15th from web
  • Quite a show – 2 1/2 hours. Got hit with pumpkin filling. Not much else. 10:26 PM Nov 14th from mobile web
  • At Gallagher, the entire Celebrity Theater is covered in plastic bags. Mustard, Spaghettios, cream corn… Gonna be fun! 6th row! 7:40 PM Nov 14th from mobile web
  • Uh-oh. I’ve been neglecting my RSS feeds. Google Reader is scolding me with “1000+ new” alerts. That’ll teach me to avoid it for 3 days! 9:08 AM Nov 14th from web
  • Today is Phoenix Art Museum portrait exhibit, lunch @ Pane Bianco, Cardinal Stadium Tour, Sliders for dinner, & Gallagher! Action packed! 9:05 AM Nov 14th from web
  • Finally finished Model #2:… 9:23 PM Nov 13th from web
  • Got the day off. Going to work on hubby’s birthday present. Maybe even finish up the model car I started last week! 7:18 AM Nov 11th from web
  • Following @WSOP for live updates of the 2009 Main Event Final Table. Sweeeet! 7:44 PM Nov 9th from web
  • Sitting in State of Arizona project management forms training. 1:49 PM Nov 9th from mobile web
  • Getting ready for the day. I have mandatory training downtown again this afternoon. Yay traffic! 5:59 AM Nov 9th from web
  • Getting a play-by-play of the live final table World Series of Poker @WSOP ! So cool! 2:35 AM Nov 8th from mobile web
  • Working on a Level 2 model. 10 hours and counting! 2:25 AM Nov 8th from mobile web
  • Wanna see my brand new ’69 Camaro? … Model…?… 9:19 PM Nov 6th from web
  • Playing Lego Rock Band. It’s ADORABLE. What a great game! 7:15 PM Nov 4th from web
  • Tried to sit through Phantom of the Opera at Gammage last night. Not my kind of thing. At ALL. 6:23 AM Nov 4th from web
  • At home, working a bit, waiting for DWTS to come on. I think it’s popcorn time! 6:41 PM Nov 2nd from web
  • Halloween went over really well this year! We had 90-95 kids, about double what we estimated. Thank goodness for reserve drawer candy! 8:34 AM Nov 1st from web
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