Tweets – October 2009
October 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Going to be Mario this year for Halloween. Bib overalls, white gloves, red shirt, brown boots and even a mustache! The HAT is awesome! 6:57 AM Oct 31st from web
  • Going to ride the lite rail to training today. Hope I get there and back ok! Tired of sitting in 90-120 minutes of traffic on the way home. 5:43 AM Oct 29th from web
  • Heading into a week-long project management training course in downtown Phoenix. Yay. 7:23 AM Oct 26th from mobile web
  • Thank goodness for Excel and the ability to sort by date. I’d never be able to scrapbook all these events without it! 10:16 PM Oct 24th from web
  • At home sick, tending to an even sicker sister-in-law. 🙁 7:19 AM Oct 23rd from mobile web
  • Tech support has taken over my laptop for troubleshooting… 10:14 AM Oct 21st from mobile web
  • Just took a gondola ride at Hyatt Gainey Ranch. It was lovely! 7:23 PM Oct 20th from mobile web
  • Sweet image! (Warning:Baby content!) 9:49 AM Oct 19th from web
  • Heading to the Arizona State Fair today. Stone Temple Pilots are playing tonight! 9:32 AM Oct 18th from web
  • Just got a flu shot. Here’s hoping I don’t get sick! 1:49 PM Oct 16th from web
  • T-minus 1 hour 45 minutes for brand new Tidal production launch. Fingers and toes all crossed! 4:15 PM Oct 15th from web
  • Gotta work 18 hours tomorrow on our Tidal launch. Time for bed! 9:02 PM Oct 14th from web
  • So, it’s legal for grocery stores to sell medical and prescription records to competitors? 7:25 AM Oct 13th from web
  • Fun fact: The most I’ve ever paid for a concert ticket was $300.00 (eBay) to see Madonna at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 2, 2001. 10:35 PM Oct 12th from web
  • Trying to organize a lifetime of concert, sporting event, theater and movie tickets. Boy – I’ve experienced a LOT in my life! =) 10:32 PM Oct 12th from web
  • We got to see my brother-in-law for lunch today. It was good to visit with him, even if it was just for a short time! 2:43 PM Oct 12th from web
  • Working on Christmas cards (yeah, I know). Inspiration:… 7:20 AM Oct 11th from web
  • Today we are bringing down the Halloween bins and decorating the house. I love dusting off the Beanie Babies and putting them on the TV! 11:55 AM Oct 10th from web
  • Saw Bob Saget last night at Celebrity Theatre. Quite funny – not as deliberately offensive as I was prepared for. I’m glad we went! 11:54 AM Oct 10th from web
  • I followed up with a 130 in the final game, for those keeping track. 9:48 AM Oct 9th from web
  • Umm, WEX means 128 in Blackerry-ese. 7:56 PM Oct 8th from mobile web
  • WEX in the first game; 132 in the second. I hope the third is good too! 7:55 PM Oct 8th from mobile web
  • Still at bowling. At least we got to donate for brownies tonight. I’m such an emotional eater!! 7:27 PM Oct 8th from mobile web
  • Finally got my “usual” which is a sprite and fries… The sprite had no syrup! Not my night. 6:38 PM Oct 8th from mobile web
  • At bowling, but don’t really want to be here. Just don’t have my heart in it. 6:28 PM Oct 8th from mobile web
  • Check out this tilt-shift motion capture of a day at Disney! 7:36 AM Oct 7th from web
  • Had lots of fun with my sis at the Scrapbooking convention! So many possibilities to be creative, so little time… 1:10 PM Oct 4th from web
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