Tweets – September 2009
September 30th, 2009 by Jessica

  • Getting ready for my sister’s arrival! 7:15 AM Sep 30th from web
  • One more day before the scrappin’ fun begins! 5:35 AM Sep 29th from web
  • Just got back from a weekend in Vegas. Ate my weight in crab legs at the Rio. Saw Popovich Comedy Pet Theater… Cute, but kitchy. 7:31 PM Sep 27th from web
  • My cousin went to sleep on Tuesday and never woke up. I will miss her so! 5:53 AM Sep 25th from web
  • Modern Family was ok, but Cougar Town is hilarious! 8:52 PM Sep 23rd from mobile web
  • Oh yah. We’ll definitely be in the news tomorrow… 8:32 PM Sep 22nd from web
  • I really hate legal email recovery requests. 10:03 AM Sep 22nd from web
  • Looking forward to the DWTS premiere tonight! 5:44 AM Sep 21st from web
  • Finished the Hawaii/Bahamas scrapbook yesterday, and started in the UK/Ireland trip. It will be two full albums when I’m finished! 5:40 AM Sep 21st from web
  • Home for the weekend. It’s Friday. Time to scrapbook! 6:08 PM Sep 18th from web
  • I just picked up a 5/10 split at bowling!! 7:03 PM Sep 17th from mobile web
  • Somehow I managed to accomplish scrapping 6 double 12×12 layouts today. Finished the Disney cruise, and I’m halfway done with Hawaii. Yay! 11:21 PM Sep 13th from web
  • Just ordered $43 worth of prints from Costco Photo for the upcoming CK Scrapbooking convention. I hope to scrap my last 4 vacations! 9:50 PM Sep 11th from web
  • Happy 7 year 7 month and 7 day Anniversary to my sweetie! 7:10 PM Sep 9th from web
  • Beatles Rock Band in hand – heading home to play! 12:20 AM Sep 9th from mobile web
  • At Harrah’s with Mom, casino number 5 so far. Heading home shortly to rock out! 9:18 AM Sep 5th from mobile web
  • Been cleaning house all day long in preparation for my Mom’s arrival. Nothing like vacuuming all surfaces of the couch to make you tired! 2:28 PM Sep 2nd from web
  • Mom flies in tomorrow to visit until Sunday!! I’m so excited to see her! 6:40 PM Sep 1st from web
  • Going to pick up Guitar Hero V today. I hope it’s not as bad as the last one! 8:08 AM Sep 1st from web
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