Tweets – August 2009
August 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Pics from Grand Canyon North Rim:… 11:58 AM Aug 31st from web
  • Lots to do today. Oil change, dry cleaning, bowling for Thursday, practice guitar, laundry… 8:59 AM Aug 31st from mobile web
  • Driving home from the North Rim. Pictures soon! 7:37 PM Aug 30th from mobile web
  • There’s a scorpion trying to get into our house. It’s freaking me out! 4:56 PM Aug 25th from web
  • Feeling very useless at the moment. My feet are dead after standing for 5 hrs straight. 2:11 PM Aug 24th from mobile web
  • I think it’s so neat that my Mom learned how to send text messages. I just wish she wouldn’t do it at 5:45am on Sunday morning. 3:46 PM Aug 23rd from web
  • Electric Co took our datacenter power out at 6:00am to replace a part. Nothing like testing the generator the day before classes start! 6:15 AM Aug 23rd from web
  • Finally have a weekend off. Time to rock out! 6:39 PM Aug 21st from web
  • Heading off to start another bowling league tonight. So far my “team” is less than ideal. There’s only one other guy, and he’s a creep! 3:21 PM Aug 20th from web
  • Annoying Facebookers:… 7:42 AM Aug 20th from web
  • Is it me, or is Twitter dying down significantly? 9:10 PM Aug 19th from web
  • Time to make the donuts! Or, well… I guess it’s just time to go to work. Donuts sound good though. 5:45 AM Aug 19th from web
  • Heading over to a campus to volunteer today in the Financial Aid office. Should be fun! 7:07 AM Aug 18th from web
  • We did it! We finished Rock Band 2! 3,747 stars and more than 33.7 million fans. We have almost 50 million points! WOOHOO! 8:37 PM Aug 16th from web
  • We’re almost done with Rock Band 2’s world tour mode. It only took us a year to finish. Only 3 more sets lists to go! 3:43 PM Aug 16th from web
  • Hooray for Fender brand Hello Kitty guitar picks! Amazon sells the coooooolest stuff! 9:36 PM Aug 14th from web
  • Ate dinner at the legendary Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Waited in 105 degrees for over an hour. Good pizza, but worth the wait? Not so sure. 9:35 PM Aug 14th from web
  • TGIPD! 8:40 AM Aug 14th from web
  • I’ve reduced myself to actually renting a hotel room next to my office so I don’t have to leave the next two days. This is so sad. 4:36 PM Aug 12th from web
  • My voicemail indicator light wasn’t working. I had 18 messages I didn’t know about it. 8:23 AM Aug 11th from web
  • Whoa.. Slept in until Andrew woke me up at 11:15am. 13 hours of sleep in a row? Geez I must’ve really needed it. 11:21 AM Aug 9th from web
  • Compiling a packet of brochures for my Mom. She’s visiting the first week of September for the first time in 10 1/2 years! 8:28 AM Aug 8th from web
  • Working again on my last official Friday off. Tired of working. 1:36 PM Aug 7th from web
  • Still trying to get our new Tidal software working. I am exhausted. 3:12 PM Aug 5th from mobile web
  • Looking forward to getting a lot accomplished today. I sure hope it happens! 5:38 AM Aug 4th from web
  • Another Monday morning. Gotta drive separate, someone scheduled a meeting through my lunch hour. Humph! 5:21 AM Aug 3rd from mobile web
  • Just finished watching Juno. It was a pretty good movie, but I really didn’t like the “affair” undertone. 6:58 PM Aug 2nd from web
  • Blogged about Antiques Roadshow: 12:33 PM Aug 2nd from web
  • I’ve been orphaned by my bowling team. Need to find a new one! 11:34 AM Aug 2nd from web
  • Still in the Tribal Arts line, by far the longest line here in Phoenix. 4:38 PM Aug 1st from mobile web
  • Posting from Antiques Roadshow in Phoenix! So far we brought junk. Yay! 3:33 PM Aug 1st from mobile web
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