Tweets – July 2009
July 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Working on my day off, entire staff called out. Building fire alarm testing AND painting all bathrooms. GROAN! 9:23 AM Jul 31st from mobile web
  • My consultant has taken over my computer. 2:29 PM Jul 30th from mobile web
  • Well I would say I can’t wait for this weekend. But since I have to work right through until Antiques Roadshow, I can’t get into the mood. 8:00 AM Jul 29th from web
  • I just got home from 12 hours of work and I have to keep working now that I’m home.  Boo! 7:15 PM Jul 28th from web
  • I have a new cousin! Abigail Evelyn, brand new daughter of Christopher and Kelly. 7lb 10oz, 21″, born 3:40am in Indiana! Congrats! 5:43 AM Jul 28th from web
  • My boss said I could leave early but my carpool doesn’t arrive for an hour. 🙁 5:21 PM Jul 27th from mobile web
  • Hello Kitty Contact Lenses? Sweet! 4:12 PM Jul 27th from web
  • I worked 65+ hours last week, and am scheduled for 56 this week. Booo! 2:21 PM Jul 27th from web
  • Another Monday morning. Going to be swamped this week! 6:41 AM Jul 27th from mobile web
  • Picked up Wii Sports Resort. Cute, but gets boring pretty quickly. 11:26 AM Jul 26th from web
  • Hmm… What to do today… ? 10:15 AM Jul 25th from web
  • Heading to bed. Finally. 11:19 PM Jul 24th from web
  • I’ve been working for 14 hours overnight with small naps here and there. I’m exhausted and no closer to solving the problem. 🙁 12:45 PM Jul 24th from web
  • Looking forward to seeing my friend KT for dinner tonight. She flew in from Denver for the week! 2:45 PM Jul 23rd from web
  • My computer is telling me it’s going to take 41 minutes to copy a single zip file off a DVD. 1:47 PM Jul 23rd from web
  • Stick a fork in me. I’m done! 4:59 PM Jul 22nd from web
  • Oh my… I really have lost it now! 1:47 PM Jul 22nd from web
  • Our power outage scheduled for this Sat. has been moved to next Sat. 8/1. I have tickets for Antiques Roadshow that day! I am going to cry! 10:56 AM Jul 22nd from web
  • Holding a planning session for this weekend’s power outage. How do I wrangle 120 IT managers and admins into a single plan of attack? =( 7:30 AM Jul 22nd from web
  • I bought an electric guitar this weekend. Picked up a new strap and some picks for it over lunch. I think learning to play will be fun! 1:12 PM Jul 20th from web
  • “Osgood was some 8 miles away and we counted it a whole day to drive up there, shop some, and then drive home again.” – in 1898! 7:37 AM Jul 18th from web
  • I’m transcribing a family autobiography of Andrew’s great-grandmother. She wrote it in the 1960’s about her life in the 1890’s in Indiana. 7:37 AM Jul 18th from web
  • At home, have the weekend off until Monday. We’re draining the icky pool that hasn’t worked out this summer. Yucky water! 9:54 PM Jul 16th from web
  • Oh, and I got my two tickets to Antiques Roadshow on August 1st! I am SO excited! I feel like the ladies on Grandma’s Boy… 9:45 PM Jul 15th from web
  • HBP was amazing! We didn’t have to wait long in line, about 90 minutes, and it wasn’t even sold out. I loved it! 9:44 PM Jul 15th from web
  • Sitting in line to (finally) see HBP… 5:34 PM Jul 15th from mobile web
  • Sign at Applebees: If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes. 11:56 AM Jul 15th from mobile web
  • TGIT! 8:22 PM Jul 9th from web
  • Got back last night from Denver. Had a great time! Now, back to reality. Yuck! 5:23 AM Jul 7th from web\
  • Driving around Denver in a red 2009 Camero. FRICKIN SWEET CAR! 9:24 AM Jul 4th from mobile web
  • Getting ready for our flight to Denver. Here we come, thunderstorms! Yay! 4:19 PM Jul 3rd from web
  • Pooh! It’s supposed to thunderstorm Thursday through Tuesday in Denver. That’s our entire trip! 9:16 PM Jul 1st from web
  • So drained. Looking forward to Denver this weekend! 9:38 AM Jul 1st from mobile web
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