4th of July in Denver
July 6th, 2009 by Jessica

We went to Denver, Colorado to celebrate the Fourth of July 2009 with our friend Mogan and his friend Michelle.  It was a spontaneous trip that turned out to be a ton of fun!

Us in Breckenridge

Cruisin' around Breckenridge, CO

We flew into Denver on Friday night late – after midnight.  Andrew was exhausted and nervous about the trip.  I decided to perform a little last-minute upgrade on our rental car.  Instead of an economy class, I rented us a 2009 Camaro SS!  This is equivalent to a Transformer known as Cliffjumper, who is Bumblebee’s twin.  I think Andrew was a bit excited when faced with the idea of driving around a real life Transformer for the next few days.

We drove into Denver and found our way to our hotel.  The following morning we hit up the local fireworks tents and put together a nice couple of bags of actual fireworks.  This was really exciting for me because fireworks are not allowed in Arizona.  I grew up setting off my own in Michigan, but Andrew had never had the chance to see them let alone set any off himself.

We then met up with Mogan and Michelle at her apartment clubhouse for a fun pool party and barbeque.  After the party we drove out to the middle of nowhere and set off all the fireworks for about an hour.  It was tons of fun!  Mogan was nuts as always, but we won’t get into that.  I’ll just say MUCHO GRANDE and leave it at that.

The following day, Andrew and I set off on our own to see the sights.  We drove Cliffjumper up to Breckenridge and wandered around town for a bit in the rain.  Then, it was off to Central City and Black Hawk for a little gambling time!  The following morning before our flight, we went on the Hammonds Candy Factory Tour.  There was just enough time left to visit the local Dave and Busters arcade.  We then had to say goodbye to Denver and return to Phoenix.  Back to work, as always!

Our Sweet 2009 Camaro SS Rental

Jessica with Cliffjumper - 2009 Camaro SS

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