Tweets – June 2009
June 30th, 2009 by Jessica

  • …and now Billy Mays. Geez – sucks to be a celebrity this week! 9:26 AM Jun 28th from web
  • Goodbye, Mr. Jackson. 7:47 PM Jun 25th from web
  • Posted Series 3 of my Toys in Peril images:… 9:01 PM Jun 24th from web
  • Took the day off work today. Sitting at home wondering what I should do. 10:41 AM Jun 24th from web
  • Got to see Transformers 2 tonight at a pre-screening. Glad to have seen it, but it was out of focus. My head hurts! 10:58 PM Jun 22nd from web
  • Ugh. That’s all I got. 9:49 AM Jun 22nd from mobile web
  • Sorry for the sudden outburst of rage, my twitter friends… I am just so frustrated!!! I feel like a rat in a cage. 8:31 PM Jun 18th from web
  • I am soooo ready for the weekend! 9:23 AM Jun 18th from mobile web
  • Watching a new Mythbusters. Woohoo! 9:57 PM Jun 17th from web
  • Must have spoke too soon. Right after that twitter, a virtual bomb exploded in my office. Never a dull moment! 11:14 AM Jun 17th from web
  • Seems like most of the fires are out at work… Time to start gathering kindle again! 7:29 AM Jun 17th from web
  • Another Monday morning… I finally found something to do, and now I have to wait for next weekend! Grr! 5:40 AM Jun 15th from web
  • Time to play Mario Kart for the Wii! The room is open for anyone who would like to join us. 5:49 PM Jun 12th from web
  • I’m hosting a Mario Kart Wii race tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST. If you want to join us, send me a direct message with your Friend Code! 11:10 AM Jun 12th from web
  • Photography nuts, check it out: 11:01 PM Jun 11th from web
  • It’s like 4:15 is my personal brick wall. My brain just can’t function past 4:15. After 10 hours, I need a break. 4:14 PM Jun 11th from web
  • I dreamt all night about how to make our nightly batch jobs more efficient. Nothing like taking work home with you eh? 5:35 AM Jun 11th from web
  • Came home feeling sick at lunch and slept for 5 hours… Hope I can sleep tonight. 9:57 PM Jun 9th from mobile web
  • Why do I feel like a spectator at a fireworks show this morning? 7:14 AM Jun 9th from web
  • I think my brain just went on strike. I’ve been too productive today. It has just decided to shut down until tomorrow. 4:33 PM Jun 8th from web
  • I’ve been working nonstop for 4 hours now. It’s a highly productive but mentally exhausting Monday morning. 10:27 AM Jun 8th from web
  • Blogged about the Cali trip… 8:34 PM Jun 7th from web
  • I just bought 18 songs. It’s a good thing I don’t have iTunes linked to my credit card! =) I buy gift cards so I can track my spending! 1:40 PM Jun 6th from web
  • OMG, a booty shakin’ gummy bear. 12:43 PM Jun 6th from web
  • Currently buying songs on iTunes. I’m very picky about music. It’s so nice to be able to get those 80’s songs I’ve missed for 20 years! 12:18 PM Jun 6th from web
  • Started posting pics from last week’s Botcon…… 12:15 PM Jun 5th from web
  • This girl in the waiting room is freaking me out. 8:06 PM Jun 4th from mobile web
  • Heading to the salon to get my hair chopped off! Cut 6″ earlier this week, but I want it shorter… SHORTER… Aaahhh! 6:11 PM Jun 4th from web
  • So glad it’s Thursday – no work until Monday. I guess 4×10’s are good for something. 6:10 PM Jun 4th from web
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