New Cable Modem
June 13th, 2009 by Jessica

We’ve been distraught with horrible network speeds at home for quite some time now.  Cox advertises download speeds that are radically higher than the 950k we had been experiencing.  Andrew and I thought maybe it was just Cox Communications and our neighborhood. A few months back, we replaced our main router because it seemed to have bit the dust, but the speeds did not get better.

Walking around Best Buy tonight, we happened across a Linksys cable modem.  Having $10 in Best Buy bucks combined with a 10% off coupon, we thought it was worth a shot.   We came home and installed the new cable modem, then called Cox to register the MAC address for it.

The download speeds immediately shot up to almost 6MB/sec, about 6x what they were before!  We can’t be positive it wasn’t something that Cox did on their end, but it looks like the cable modem did the trick.

Hooray for 6x faster!

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